Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 20th

My stomach is feeling better. I think it was this spice I was putting in my rice that was causing the pain and runs so I cut that out don't worry. 
I spoke to a guy who works at an apple store. I told him what I needed for school and stuff. He said I should go with the iphone 5S. He wasn't too interested in the gospel but we still had a good chat. Things are doing okay.
I was a bit bumped out about not having a baptism my second year of my mission. But I spoke on the phone to some members in Bridgend. They said the ward still talks about me and even in Evesham as well. Turns out I had an impact on people's lives I just lost sight of that for a bit this week. Buts things should be good for this week.  We have some good things planned and hopefully the week will go by fast. The slow days are just killer...also when it rains but that hasn't happened alot this week...thankfully. Miss you mother and love you. Will see you soon

Love David

October 13th

My stomach is feeling better. I went and saw a doctor and talked with her. She was so nice and a good doctor. She just told me it's some kind of bug that is causing this and your body is just trying to get rid of it. I still can't really eat much. Toast is getting pretty boring haha.
No I haven't heard of  "Meet the Mormons". Wait was that a church thing about a missionary in Leeds England? if so I heard that kind of stunk and didn't really help the church that much.
I hope Allen and Malyssa can find a place. If not I'm fine with Allen's old room. I keep having dreams you guys sell my bed for a horse.... I'm doing just fine.
I had a interview with the mission president. It went well. We just spoke about going home. I wasn't trunky until that interview and well now I am just a little bit. He just spoke about home and girls the whole time. Turns out he was dear johned on his mission and told me a story about it. 
But things are going good. See you in a few weeks. Also im not going to do a group email anymore. too much work.  Love you mom!!

October 6th

David has stopped doing long, group e-mails.  So this is the e-mail he sent to his Mom:

This weekend I have gotten sick. Do you remember this time last year when I had the stomach flu? Well the same kinda thing has come back, but not as bad. But the mission doctor people have told me when I go home to seek a doctor. If it continues in the next few days they are going to have me see a doctor.
So I was able to see a bit of conference, but some of it I slept because I was not feeling well. They think it's something I ate that my belly doesn't like. I will keep you updated the next few days. I think it will pass soon. but I'm doing okay.  See you soon mom!!
Love you!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th

This week we had transfers and Elder Vlasco left and went to Evesham B so he will be able to see my old area. I'm happy for him. I was hoping he would stay with me but it will be good for him. I will miss him. My new Companion is Elder Kennedy he has been out about 9 months and is from Canada I like him. I got to go to the mission home and say goodbye to some Elders and Sisters. It felt weird to think I may never see some of them again. It feels like it is just another transfer in the mission, not my last.
I got a call from Elder Chantry in Bridged. He said he was having breakfast with a member and he said that Elder Chantry and I were the best 2 elders that ward has had in the last 4 years. It felt good to hear that. I really do miss that ward and would do anything to go back.

We have a new ward mission leader in the Sheldon ward. I don't know him very well but it should be good for the Sheldon ward. I have some ideas and things I want to try so it should be a good week.
Miss you all and love you!!
Love Elder Doty

**  Still no photos...

September 22nd - Transfer Calls

Tonight we have dodge night. And this is the last one that I will care about. Because the next one will say Elder Doty is getting transferred to Seattle Washington.
I don't have a lot of time so I will try and make this short and sweet.

We have a good lesson with Andrew our returning member about the priesthood. He is excited about it and has spoken to some members about going on a mission. I don't know if he can do a full time one because of his age but maybe a mini mission. So good news with him
I had a good 21st birthday. I went over to a member's house and had curry. That's the closest thing to Mexican food. I also had cake and pie. It was a good day.

Shout out to my good friends in Bridged - Jamie and Jess who both got married this week in Somerset England!! I'm happy for you guys!!
We had Stake conference so we got to see President. He came up to us and made it sound like I am going to stay with Elder Velasco which I hope I do. He told us I have to get him ready to train. Which he pretty much is he just needs to lead a bit more but he is shy because his English is not the best but it is getting better.

I have go to run but miss you guys and love you!

Elder Velasco is leaving me and I'm getting a new comp I don't know where he is from.  And Velasco is going to my old area Evesham B. So he will see some members that I know like the Goddards and others. I think it will be a good change for him. He was happy with me but didn't like the area here so he needs the change. I'm looking forward to this last transfer. I'm excited to go home and see everyone again.
The DL played a joke on me saying I was whitewashing president with an AP who just got was not funny but everone else thought it was.

Have a good week!! love you all!!

September 15th

This week we had Zone meeting. It might have been one of the best ones I have ever had.  It was very funny and I felt the spirit very strongly. It was about the Book of Mormon and I was asked to give some training on how the Book of Mormon helps us resolve concerns. I used The promise that is given at the end of the book. That if you read, pray and really want to know anyone can know that the book of Mormon is true. And if the book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith is a prophet, the church is true and so on.
Our washing machine is broken so we were unable to wash our clothes this week until we get a call from the Elders in Solihull.  So we took us stuff down there and did splits with the DL and washed our clothes.

We are working with a less active member who was baptized by elder Chantry in another area. He came to church this week and plans to keep coming and wants to get the priesthood and start being active in church again. Also a family we have dinner with every week that is not active said they are going to make a few changes in their life. One of them being coming to church on Sundays.
It was a good week I miss you all and look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Love Elder Doty
**  David isn't able to download any photos on the computers in this area.  Sad!

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th - The Walk In

On Sunday we had 3 walk ins to church. That never happens. One of them was a homeless man. He even went up and bore his testimony. I don't really know what he said... something about hitting someone and Hitler. It was pretty good. He said he felt very welcome and plans to come next week. Along with a Hungarian lady who we believe is a media referral we got a few days ago.
This week we were going by a less active as it was his birthday and it turns out he was baptized by Elder Chantry my last comp. He said he would like to come back to church and is going to meet with the bishop this week!

We also had zone conference this week and Elder Bowen of the 70 came and spoke. He did a good job and if it is your last zone conference they ask you to give your departing testimony. I spoke about the change that I felt I had made and said it was because my trainer and I came up with "Nike"..."Just do it". When you get a feeling you should do something...just do it. It was a bitter sweet moment to give my departing testimony. It has been a journey for sure.  I have learned so much I can't really say everything I want to in 2-3 minutes.

Not a bad week for being sick in the flat for most of it. I'm looking forward to feeling better and having another awesome week.

Love Elder Doty

September 1st

This week I went on an exchange with my district leader Elder Nielsen. He was one of my companions in Worcester. It was amazing to see how he has grown over the last 6 months. He is a completely different person. Amazing how in just a few months a person can change so much.
I had a chat with someone on the street.  He said something that I thought I was pretty funny. He said all churches are the same and that we need to go to the root of the tree and make a church there. I said "so maybe a church that Jesus Christ set up?" he said "Yes that would be it." I then told him that this was that church and showed him my tag the says Elder Doty The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. He looked at me and just walked away and would not listen to me. I got a chuckle out of that.

Been sick over the weekend. Last night was rough with only a few hours of sleep. I think sometimes we aren't grateful for when we do have a healthy body.
miss you all and love you

Love Elder Doty

PS I can't get the pictures to work on this computer will try again next week.

August 26th

Hello everyone I'm sure you have all heard I'm back in England and I have left Wales. It's good to be back in England it's alot different from Wales. Like over here you don't have to pay for a plastic bag when you are shopping. There are many others.
We have one investigator who is making progress and things are going well with him. We also have been getting alot of media referrals. We just got one that shows alot of promise. From what we understand in the text that the church sends us, she is from Hungary and wants to learn more about the church. It shows that the church is growing though out the whole world!

Hope you are all doing well. No pictures this week do to the computer not working. I will have to show you guys next week my visit to Aston Villa FC park!!

August 18th

I have left Wales :( and am very sad to leave that place.  I will miss it dearly. But I'm back in England.

The area I'm in is a place called Sheldon, but we cover the south area which is Acock's Green. It's  a bike, bus and walk area. It's the HOOD with lots of different races.  I'm exicited to be able talk to people and be able to understand them without a huge valley accent, but now I have the Birmingham accent. If you wanna hear it it's on youtube.
My new Companion is Elder Velsaco.  He is 23 and from the Philippines. He has about 8 months left in the mission. He is so funny.  I have a hard time understanding him because english is his second language.  He loves the UK and the USA and he is always positive which is great. Elder Nowak my Polish companion back in Bridgend taught me what it's like to always be happy. It's something I learned from him and hope to apply it to the rest of my life. And having elder Velsaco helps me continue to do that.

We have one investigator right now who shows promise. a few other leads that might turn out good.

Here are some photos of me leaving Wales and getting Elder Velsaco. I'm excited for this new chance to learn and grow and I have finally made it into Birmingham!
(Photos are not working for some reason... we aren't able to actually see them.)
Love Elder Doty


Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 11th

Tonight we have the transfer calls. It seems that I will be leaving Wales :(  I have loved it here. I have a few pictures of members.

We were able to have a lesson with our investigator Nesley. Only problem is he is living with his girlfriend and won't get married until next year.

We had a very interesting thing happen to us this week. Our shower broke and we were unable to shower Sunday. And it just dumped rain like crazy - the size of golf balls.  So we had to walk in the rain and we got soaked. But the thing was we were so happy we just didn't even care. I think that comes from a knowledge of the gospel. It just makes you happy even when times aren't going very well. Don't worry the shower has been fixed.

Hopefully I will be able to stay here in Bridgend.

Miss you all and love you - Love Elder Doty

UPDATE on 8/12/14:  So I'm moving areas.  I'm going to a place called Sheldon.  It's in Birmingham. It should be a good area and I'm excited for this new chance I have to learn and grow.

August 4th - "Pobudka"

Elder Nowak tends to talk in his sleep. Sometimes it's in Polish and sometimes in English. Saturday night he spoke in Polish and had an issue. He started to yell "Pobudka"!  He starts to yell this at night over and over. He then gets up and goes to Elder Chantry's bed and starts to shake it and still yelling Pobuka!  Elder Chantry wakes up kinda freaked and says "pobudka" back to him. Elder Nowak then stops and goes back to sleep. We then ask him what "Pobudka" means the next morning.  Turns out it means "get up". He claims he slept fine Saturday night.

In Cardiff this week we saw some dudes from Britain's "Got Talent" doing a signing Cd's tees and stuff. I have never so many 12-16 year old girls in my life. Turns out the two boys sing about anti- bulling and it's a major hit over here. The 12-16 girls are in love with them. I give it 2 years and no one will know them. Boy band one hit wonder.

We have done  alot of service and we have almost built a shed for someone. I will show you a picture next week.

Our workout crew that does the insanity with us in the morning. They are all members of the ward.

July 28th

This week was alright. We got flogged a lot and people canceled which is never much fun. But it's still so much fun with having 3 Elders!

We went out today with our member who works out with us. I pulled my groin pretty good so this whole walking thing is going to hurt.

I had a man get up in my face this week because I put my rubbish in someone's bin...Only an old British would even care about that.

We are trying to find more and more Polish people so Elder Nowak can work his magic.  Hopefully this week will be better in that.

"Here we have hard working Elder, sport Elder and Lazy Elder" Elder Nowak

Miss you all and hope you all are doing well

Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 21st - The Golden Child

Elder Nowak (it's said Novak) is here with us. He is from Poland.  I really like him.  I think we are going to teach a lot of Polish this week. I'm excited for it.  The only elder from Poland on a mission. Two other sisters are in the states. So it's a big deal to have him here. Our President said "He is the future of Poland in the church."  So... a little bit of pressure. He does go home in 9 weeks, but he is SO funny. I love the kid. He is 26 years old and a convert of 3 1/2 years.  He has a way strong testimony!
We have a member who is a insanity teacher so he took us out to the park and worked us. Oh my gosh I'm so sore! It felt good to work. He is going to get us on a week work out to help get in shape.  Elder Nowak goes home in 9 weeks so he just wants to get in shape and fit so when He goes home to Poland he can get married.
We have finally moved flats I like the new place. I can finally get some sleep and not have to look out the window and see a club.
We got antther single sister active in church now so I'm way happy about that. Things are going well here I just fear that I'm going to leave in 4 weeks time :( I hope I can stay!
Miss you all and hope everything is going well!!



July 16th

Today we are getting a missionary for a few days or a few weeks. He is from Poland and is 1 of 3 Polish missionaries in the whole world. I'm very excited about it!!

This week was a bit crazy moving flats still and seeing some dude beat up a girl and calling the cops on them. We saw a castle which I have some photos of them I will send to you all.

Hope you all are doing well.


July 7th

As some of you may know by now I'm staying in Bridgend for another 6 weeks! I'm very happy about it. Also Elder chantry is staying with me as well.

This week we have been very busy as we are moving flats. We are not moving more than 100 yards but it's still a pain to move everything. Also the flat was not cleaned. So we spent maybe 7 hours in all just cleaning the kitchen. It's just gross no other way to say it. But this week we should be moved in. It's a nice flat. The one we are in right now is a castle, but we have to move :(

We are seeing good things in the less actives we are working with.  They are coming to church and making some good progress.

Miss you all and hope you all are doing well.

Friday, July 4, 2014

June 30th - Dodge Night

Tonight is dodge night so we are going to find out if I'm staying here in wales or if I'm getting the move. I really hope I can stay here in Wales.  I'm loving it.

This week we did some painting of a member's house. I am really bad at painting. The whole pulling weeds thing I'm pretty good at but not painting. Also this week I had a dinner everyday which is so rare.

Sorry this email kinda sucks.  I just really wanna stay in Bridgend. I love this place. The members, the people everyone. I think I might cry if I leave.

Hope you all had a nice week,  Love Elder Doty
E-mail from the following day:
"Make that 6 months in Bridgend!!"
Yes that's right.  I'm staying in Bridgend another 6 weeks so that will be a total of 6 months in Bridgend!! I'm so pumped and Elder Chantry is staying as well!!


June 23rd - Service Week

This week we had a service project everyday.  It was great but I'm really sore. It went from painting to pulling weeds to pulling a wall down and moving rocks.  It was a lot of fun. It's so nice outside.

The other day I had a member we have been working with come up to Elder Chantry and I and say that we are the first Elders he can remember our names in 15 years because no one took the time to go out and visit them and work with them in their yard and show that we really cared. Due to this he has us teaching his grandson who I bet will be baptized in July time. If that worked it would be Bridgend's first baptism in a year.

England got knocked out of the World Cup. They have a sick obsession with Wayne Rooney. It's gross. I got a photo of the Metro. (That's the UK's largest free newspaper.) The cover and title says it all.

Hope all is well back home miss you and love you all,  Love, Elder Doty

Friday, June 20, 2014

June 18th

This was our district P-day.  It was alot of fun!


June 16th

This was another good week. Did I tell you guys how much I love Wales?

This week I got to go on exchange into Cardiff. That place is sweet!  So many people and the weather has been off the charts amazing! So we have been doing loads of service and teaching our less actives and it's going very well.

We even got a member to come out finding with us for a day and we were able to find a 19 year old named Robin and we taught him. So things are picking up and are doing well.

We were also able to help out at the farm again.   So I got a picture of this chicken. (Found those shades at Primark...1£ great deal.)

Also I woke up one morning to find this "guest" in our flat. Turns out he had flown in the window so we had a fun time getting him out.  And yes, we are still in the flat next to the club.

Sorry for the short email but I'm off to Cardiff again for district P-day.

Miss you and love you

June 9th

My family already knows this, but my sister Rachel had a baby girl this week. June 7th little baby Anberlyn came into the world. Very excited for her and for my family back home - miss you guys!!

This week just did loads of service for the members here. The weather has been getting better so we are getting better at our gardening skills.

This Sunday night we had a very powerful lesson with this less active family. I haven't had a lesson like that in a long time. We are trying to get them to quit smoking and the spirit was so strong they ended up pulling out all their smoking stuff, ripping them up and then burnt them all. I was in shock. They have come such a long way. I will try and get a photo with them this week

Not much really happened this week. I think the highlight was that lesson and becoming an uncle.
Miss you all and love you!

June 2nd, 2014

Shout out to my sister who should be having a baby girl this week! You go Rachel!!

This week was pretty fun. I'm enjoying my time here in Wales but I fear this might be my last few weeks in Bridgend.  I have loved this area and DO NOT wanna leave!!

We are teaching a few less actives and they are coming to church and doing well.  I think the ward seems happy with us. I ask everyone in the ward if we can do any kind of service, most just ask if we can help in their garden. We help the Smallmans every week with their garden.  They are awesome! They even let us use their weights...that's always a plus.

Miss and love you all!!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 27th

I'm staying in Bridgend for another 6 weeks.  My new comp is Elder Chantry.  He is cool and I like him.

This week was crazy.  I had to go to Swansea and be a Zone leader for a day. I was sending voice messages out and everything.  It was the real deal and pretty fun.

Our less actives are coming along great and doing well.  A few of them came to church.  Still nothing on the investigator side but that's alright. Besides that it's the same old finding and getting flogged.

Helping out at the animal shelter last week I got peed on by a rabbit :( I wasn't too happy with that rabbit.

Miss you all and love you

They say once a zone leader always a zone leader. And all zone leaders get a car..

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 20th

(No e-mail from David the previous week because we Skyped with him for Mother's Day. 
Best Mother's Day gift EVER!!!)
So I will keep this short I'm staying in Bridgend.  I'm getting a new comp.  I don't really know him that well and can't remember his name but I will tell you next week.
So all of our investigators have dropped us so we are back to finding all the time.  But I had an idea that I wanna try here. Since it's the summer time I'm going to try and help the members out a lot since I know them now I figure if I get them to like me they might give us people to teach. Plus the Bishop just said he will come out with us once a week to see less actives or teach.

Let you all know about this next week as for now I'm off to Swansea for the day!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 6th

So this Saturday we were having dinner with members and Elder Harris pets this dog and it jumps up and bites his hand. To make the story short, he later passed out went into a mini shock and we went to the A&E and they they wrapped his hand up.  Looks like he will be going home with his hand in a wrap.

This is the story I tell... "We were walking out on the street and this dog was just walking by.  Then all the sudden some evil spirit entered the dog and it bit Elder Harris's hand so he had to use the other one to cast the demon out of it.  Then we went to the A&E."  I like my story better.

Other than that this week we painted the side of a house for Tula so she is a bit better about Jay getting baptized.  It doesn't look like he will make the 18th of May so we may have push that back :(

This week I went a bit all out on the shopping and got some Chelsea gear. They are going to be my team I support and I got some photos of them.

Sorry not much happened this week, just loads of finding. We planned for 14 lessons this week with people we met on the street and only had 1 hold on. So 13 people canceled or never showed up this week... a bit upsetting.

Miss and Love you all,  Elder Doty

District P-Day

April 28th

This week we did a lot of finding. I spoke to this one girl her name is Rhianne. Turns out she is a singer and she is a upcoming star. And lucky me I was able to get her autograph... her 1st autograph sighing ever. One day this will be worth millions. She did make an appointment with us...but she was a no show. But if she makes millions one day and I can sell her autograph for money I will forgive her.

We got a new investigator this week and she seems pretty good. Also Jay came to church for all 3 hours so during 3rd hour we took his granddad and taught him the Restoration.  It was so good his granddad was bearing testimony to his grandson Jay and the spirit was so strong. He is on a date to be baptized on May 18th. But the problem is his mom isn't really 100% down with it. So we are trying to go over and paint her house and get her to be okay with it. She is a member but less active. Jay's grandparents are so pumped and they are driving like 15 miles out of the way to pick him up and take him to church.  They want this to happen to badly! And 15 miles in the UK is a big deal.

We have found a new flat to move in so we are away from the club, but still in city center which is good. Don't know when we will get the ok to move into it but that flat is pretty good.

This week everyone canceled on us. We had a projected 9 lessons but only ended up with 2. It hurts when you see all your hard work of speaking out and talking to people they say yeah I will meet up then they just blow you off. Whenever that happens I just say their heart is like an icebox. However Friday night changed my life. We were having a crap day and nothing went right and it had been that way the last few days.  It was 8pm no one is out so we are just kinda walking around and this guy stops and talks to us. He is a bit drunk but we get to talking and he then asks us to go to the pub with him and buy a drink. We look at each other and say why not. So he took us to pub and got us cokes. It was so funny everyone around us is drinking away we just sipping on some coke having a chat with him. Scott I will always remember him.

Also this week Tyson read the book of Mormon and he feels that its true.
And a member gave us a Welsh flag so I hung it up in our flat and got a picture.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dodge Night - April 14th

Whenever it is transfer call night it's called "dodge night" and tonight we get the call for the transfers!! I'm really hoping I get to stay here in Bridgend with Elder Moore.  I'm not ready for a change yet.

This week they made us start looking at a new place to live since we do live about 20 feet from a night club and Friday and Saturday night I don't get much sleep because it's so loud. But the last few weeks we have been getting sleeping pills and we take some and pass out before it gets too loud. So far no luck and any good flats.

We had Zone meeting this week, so I was able to see a few elders and get some photos with them. The zone meeting was pretty good it was all about getting investigators to learn and grow, so the basics of reading your scriptures, saying your prayers and going to church. It was pretty good, and I'm not the biggest fan of meetings.

We did service for Jay's Grandma and Grandpa (Brother and Sister Smallman) they are so funny!! We just pulled a whole bunch of English ivy out of the ground and saw Brother Smallman's prized collection of cactus. They were both so funny. We also set up a little game plan of how to get their grandson Jay to Church.

On Saturday we went to Jemmina's Place (an animal rescue shelter) to help with some animals,  It was alot of fun and we also got to go to their fund raiser party deal. I felt so out of place. A member here is the founder of Jemmina's Place so guess what I get to do on Tuesday.  I get to help "fix" a pony. Yes I will be helping de-nut the pony. I think I'm going to pass out. I didn't even sleep last night.

On Sunday church was crazy!! Like no one came and it was fast and testimony meeting - oh boy it was crazy! We had everything: one girl went up and  she is from Utah but just visiting here for a few months.  Someone called her out to go up and bear testimony so she went up and said the " For some reason I always seem to fit in with the weirdos, so I seem to fit in perfectly with this ward." I was happy we didn't have any investigators at church. But I'm not going to lie it was pretty funny. We also got to go to this member's house and they have crazy swords. So I got load of pictures with them.

I'm really hoping I stay here in Bridgend with Elder Moore. I will let you guys know on Tuesday.
So Elder Moore is leaving.  I'm way sad but I'm getting an Elder Harris. It's his last 5 weeks in the mission so I'm "killing" another missionary. This is like the 5th one or something like that. But I'm happy I get to stay here in Bridgend so everything happens for a reason.  AND I didn't cut off any pony's nuts because we were super busy packing and stuff.

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7th

This week was so much fun! I got to play touch rugby on Monday. I was so sore the rest of the week from it. I guess I'm bit out of shape. But today I'm going back into Cardiff to play football with the zone. So my Liverpool jersey will be making its way out.

Good news we been talking to Jay's moms and she gave us the ok to teach him and if he wants to be baptised. Jay already said he wants to get baptised so we just need to teach him. It's hard getting a hold of him because he is only 11 almost 12 so he doesn't have a phone or anything and lives about 8 miles away from us.

The big story of the week was general conference. I was able to see Saturday afternoon the priesthood and Sunday morning. I know they tell you not to pick favorites but Elder Ballard took it for me. I love that guy. Maybe it's just because in his book "Our Search For Happiness" (great book) he talks about on his mission walking by a river in Nottingham. Well guess who was able to walk by the same river in!

Also the animal rescue place has found a house now and we are going to help him fix it up once they get the keys. Many prayers went to them and God answered them!!

 Miss you all very much, Love Elder Doty
Also our investigator Gavin took us to the sand dunes very close to his house.
At the sand dunes they flim loads of movies here, like doctor who and stuff. Gavin named a whole bunch but i forgot them.

I also forgot to say that Jay lives next to a beach so we made a little side tour to see it.
 The photos are of elder Moore and me.  We got to visit a castle this week and I took loads of pictures and videos. So much fun!


March 31

On Sunday it was the UK's mothers day so Happy Mothers Day!!

This week I felt like a poor man. Each week we get a bus pass and bus around because our area is huge!! But because it was the end of the month we didn't have any money to get that bus pass so we had to do lots of walking and working around in our little city. But this week we have funds so bus pass here we come.
This week I was able to see lots of castles but I forgot my camera at a members house so I don't have any pictures with me... sorry. Also today I'm going to Cardiff so I only have a little bit of time to send emails off so sorry this is way short.

Our investigator Gavin didn't come to church this week but we are seeing him later today and are going to teach him the word of wisdom.   He loves his coffee and doesn't really want to give it up so keep us in your prayers for today.

Love and miss you all


March 24th

March 22nd was a great day - Maybe the best day of my mission.  The Goddards from Evesham went to the London temple and were sealed as a family!! Also that was my 16 month mark...I'm a old man out here.   

Wales is still great! I love this place! I still can't really understand anyone but I just act like I do, I'm getting really good at that. Things are just so nice.  Elder Moore has been here a long time so he knows almost everything about the area so it's very laid back.  No getting lost just work and that's something I can do. I don't have to worry about all the other little stuff.

Some news with our Investigator Gavin and Rob. They live at this home which is an animal rescue shelter with a member. They have so many cats, dogs, rabbits and all kinds of things from a pig to a Raven and all kinds of things even huge snakes (sorry dad). But anyways they were given a 2 months heads up to move out. The landlord lady wants the house so workers for this church of England can live there and work at the church. So they have been stressed out of their minds. They have to find a place for themselves and also a place for all the animals to live. They are looking for a barn or something so the animals can continue to live with them but if they don't find a place for them or the animals they will have to put the animals to sleep. So a very stressful thing for them and that has kinda put there progress on investigating the church really slow. So pray for a blessing or something good to happen.

Still working with a few less actives they are kinda slow as well. People seem to think they have all the time in the world sometimes.

I got a few pictures:  A sign I saw at a curch that made me laugh
 the tower looking thing is where the welsh Rugby team plays
and a selfie of elder moore and me

March 17th - Wales Baby!

I just love Wales!  It's so nice over here.  I can't understand the people much but they are just great.

I've only got 10 mins. left so I'm rushing a bit. But this was a good week.  We had elder Texira of the 70 come for a visit.  It's good stuff. We found out we are the highest baptizing mission in Europe so that was pretty cool.
The members here feed us every day. I'm getting at least one meal a day sometimes two a day.  It feels like I'm in Utah and the members just love me. We are working with a lot of less actives and getting them back to church and a few investigators. I got an email from elder Durrant. Marcus and Susan Caven who we taught in Coventry are making plans to go to the temple in June/ July time to be sealed as a family!!

Love you all so much,
Love Elder Doty

March 10th - I Asked For More and They Gave Me Moore!

I have been sent away to Wales!! I'm in a new area called Bridgend with Elder Moore. Elder Moore has been out just 6 weeks longer than me. So i'ts nice to have someone who knows what they are doing...well kinda, we both don't really know what we are doing but we are getting along great!

Bridgend is awesome and I love it here. The ward is SO nice. People just came up to us and gave us food and we have a dinner almost every night. It's so nice and we have a lot of less actives that are trying to come back and we have investigators. On Sunday a 11 year old boy of one of the less actives came to church. He went to high priests and our ward mission leader was in there and told us this long story.  To sum it up the 11 year old boy's name is Jay and he wants to become a member of the church and be baptized!  So we plan to work with him this week.

Tuesday was such a sad day. I said goodbye to my good friend elder Taylor (Caleb) and he took off to go home. His mission is over I got to spend a lot of time with him the last 6 weeks and I'm very sad to see him go. He does plan on coming back to see the Goddards be sealed as a family on march 22nd.

So Wales... it has a lot of hills and I don't really understand the people at all. They say the hint is the just focus really hard on what they are saying and you will then understand them... wish it was that easy but some people on the street I have no idea what they are even saying. Most people don't speak Welsh, just English but their accent is really hard to understand. There are loads of castles here as well so I get to see a lot of old stuff. Also we are along the coast so you know what that means... I get to see the ocean. I was able to grab fish and chips along the coastline.  

Hope you all are doing well. miss you all so much!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

March 3rd - Let the Madness Begin

Monday Elder Worlton got a call from president that he is going to be training so that means that I will be getting the boot out of Worcester. I don't know where I'm going yet. Rumor still has me going back to Evesham. But I did start that rumor so it really doesn't mean much.

Tuesday I just showed Elder Worlton around the area and told him what I know about members and all of our investigators.

Wednesday we had district meeting but we had to stay extra long due to someone jumping in front of the train... so I have a few pictures of the district.

Thursday we had to close down the other elders in Worcesters flat and get Elder Taylor's stuff over to ours, help clean the flat and move all the stuff into the APs van.  It was just a bit of a crazy day.  We had to say goodbye to Elder Bolingbroke. I already miss him and it’s only been like 4 days. Because some Elder went home early and it’s so close to transfers we had to move Elder Bolingbroke over to fill in the elders place. Then we had Dinner at the Nolan's and I finally won in Uno!  We play it every week and my last week I finally won. Shout out to the Nolan's they read my blog every week!

Friday Elder Worlton had to go up to the mission home for a “how to train new missionaries” meeting. So I got to spend the day with Elder Taylor and we took the rest of the stuff out of the other elders’ flat and did a whole bunch of stuff that he needed to get done for going home since he will be heading home on Tuesday. Sad to see him go. But I'm sure I will bump into him after the mission.

Saturday we did more getting things for Elder Worlton’s new missionary and Elder Taylor getting things ready to go home.

Sunday I got to say goodbye to members and get a few photos with them and did a bit of seeing around Worcester so Worlton has an idea of what he is doing when he gets his boy.

Tonight I will find out where I'm getting moved to. I don't get why they just don't tell us on Sunday night so I can tell you all where I'm going. but whatever.  Miss you all and love you!

Love Elder Doty

Photos: The Nolans! The best family is Worcester hand down. They are people that really do care about missionaries. They fed us every week. A big thank you to them. And they gave me that sweet looking tie!  (Thank you Nolans Family!! - David's mom really appreciates all you've done for him!!)

And the Evesham district. I have spent over half my mission in the Evesham district.

I have just been sent to Wales!! To an area called Bridgend! And I have already spoken to my new comp Elder Moore and I already like him. Hoping for a good transfer!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 24th

This Friday I got a call from Elder Taylor to give me the best news ever!! The Goddards in Evesham are going to the temple to be sealed as a family on March 22!! Elder Taylor is going home next week but is coming back to go to their sealing...and to date a girl. But I was so happy when I heard that. The Goddard's got baptized my 3rd day in the mission and I was able to work with them after for 6 months until I left Evesham. President will be getting  a few phone calls from me asking if I can go to the London Temple with them, but he has never let anyone out of the mission for any reason. Except for going home and that stuff.

This week the weather hit a high of 11 degrees! And for England in the winter that's unreal.  So I spent a lot of time by the river talking to people. The floods are all gone now so it’s back to normal and not 45 feet higher than normal.

We met with a black guy named Jeffery and things went well and we plan to see him again this week. I changed how I stop people and things are going a lot better. I just look for 16-30 year olds and just stop them and have a chat with them and then mix in the gospel and it went very well this week.  We had a very good week.  We’re still trying to find that next person who is golden.

Rumor is Donna is still on track for the 1st of  March so I’m very happy about that.

Later today for district pday we are going to go hike up this way old tower so I will have photos of that later today when I get back from Evesham.
Miss you all and Love you all

When we got the district here sister brown was missing and the two other elders in Worcester couldn't make it due to not having money. So we ended up not going to the tower but we played games and stuff.  It was a fun day. 

February 17th

On Monday I was able to go play some basketball which I haven't done in ages! It felt so good I miss it. And good news is...I still got my jumper. Just wait Adam and dad this guy is going to light you up like its new years!!!

 In other news I visited my second home EVESHAM!! Oh it was so nice to be back in the tiny little flat and seeing people and walking the streets where I started my mission. I never thought I would say this but I wanna go back and serve there only like 12 weeks not 6 months like last time,  but I would just love it. I would be able to see everyone I haven't seen in a year! A lot has changed in a year, even in that small little place. That was the high light of my week easy.  I love Evesham!  I felt like I was part of the family when I was there.

In Worcester we have had loads of flooding.  The local river is 45feet higher than the normal height. But we live far away from the river so no bad flooding for us unlike it was in Boston when I was almost flooded.

Speaking of Boston if any of you remember Donna she was a lady I found and taught in Boston. She was on a date when I left and she dropped the date a short time after I left Boston to go to Worcester. But she is back on a date for March 1st.   So I will be having a baptism in 2014 just not in my area. If Boston was closer I would make a trip of it.  But I plan to speak to her on the phone to tell her congrats. I'm very excited about that!

Besides that nothing really has been happening, just trying to find people and stay dry from the down pour of rain which didn't really happen.

February 10th

So this week it rained I think every day and the river seven has been flooded.  So everything is being shut down.  It reminds me of my days out in Boston where the whole town pretty much got flooded. This week was rather rough in not finding anyone and our investigator Craig was busy this week so we were not able to see him, but hopefully this coming week.

 We had our zone meeting this week and president came. He picked on me and my buddy Elder Bolingbroke a lot getting us for not calling each other by our correct title "Elder".  I just use last names but I must change according to president because it doesn't sound "professional".  How can we be professional... we are volunteers.  But I will change to become a better person. Other than that,  just a lot of finding. Today we have zone pday so I will get to go off to Cheltenham and play some football so it should be good.  love you and miss you all very much.

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3rd

On Monday something crazy happened... for the 1st time in 12 weeks I had a companion gq someone and we got their details... I was shocked! His name was Craig and we ended up meeting with him on Sunday.  He is pretty cool.  He likes the Book of Mormon a lot and he said he would pray to see if it was true. Problem is he is really busy so we can only meet with him maybe once a week.

Highlight of this week was going to Evesham and seeing a few people.   I have a photo of me and Elder Taylor with the branch president. He got us lunch as well. I really miss Evesham and the people in that branch.

Went on exchange this week and boy was it nice.   I think the only thing that keeps me going is the members and the other elders. President is coming to our zone meeting this week so I guess he will want to see us and talk with us. President gave the OK for us to do work overs with the other Worcester elders so I can do one a week.

January 27th

So transfers have come and gone and I am staying here in Worcester and Elder Boilingbroke (in Worcester B) is staying as well.  And guess who came into Worcester? Elder Taylor!! He was with elder Dalton in Evesham right before I came and I took Taylor's place in Evesham.   We have been talking about how we are going to be comps or he is going to come into my district for the longest time and we thought it was never going to happen but now it has. But he isn’t my companion he is with Elder Boilingbroke....lucky dude.

 But my new Companion is Elder Worlton from Salt Lake City Utah Born and raised. And pretty much from day one we started out not liking each other very much.  He just came from Evington which is where I was with LePard and things didn't go very well so he hasn't heard the best of things about me from the ward. That ward didn't really like me much

 So this will be an interesting transfer to say the least. Don't know if we will make it 6 weeks but I will try. We did have plans to teach a few new people we found but they flogged or canceled so a bit of bad luck.

 Good news is a less active I worked with a lot in Evesham has moved here to Worcester so I'm going to work with him and try and get him on a mission. And I got to see an old Evesham member. Elder Taylor and I were really happy and we even phoned the branch president in Evesham to tell him some of his two favorite elders are coming into town soon so I am very happy about that.

I even made the mission blog!  On the left you have Elder Worlton, me, Elder Boilingbroke and Elder Taylor...the Worcester boys.


Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th

This Friday I did my normal 10 am “gq” over by the ASDA (a big store) and  I have done this maybe 20 times now.  Some dude comes up to me and tells me that this is "private property and I am not allowed here".  I turn and look at him and ask who owns this property?  He says it doesn’t matter and I need to get off now.  I just looked at him and gave him a look of "I will be back".    I later asked around and from what people have told me it looks like public property.  So we should get an interesting story next week if I don’t get transferred.

This week we had zone meeting and a few elders that I have got to know are going home in the next 3 days.  It was sad to see them go. Elder Durrant will be one of them.  He was my comp in Coventry and he is headed back to Arizona on Wednesday.  It’s always around this time I think what if my mission ended right now.  And thank heavens it’s not.  I still got a lot I need to do out here.

I took my driver’s test... the real one.  I passed the written one but I failed this like hazard test...turns out I was taking wrong ones online. Like it is to test how fast your reaction times are but the online ones I was taking are not the same. So sometime in February I will have to take it again. I felt so stupid when I walked out of the test center.

We met with an ex member this week. He was once upon a time a bishop and very active and then just kinda dropped off.  He said he was "burnt out" but when I looked at him I could tell there was something he wasn’t telling me. He did ask us to come do service with him around the community so we might do that in the future.

Transfers call is tonight. I’m pretty sure elder Nielsen will be leaving and I will get some new person.  Rumor has it the other elders’ flat is closing down and one is going home and they might just join me with the other elder and make it one big area.  I think that would be great. I personally think you only need one team of elders here in Worcester.

Our less active came to church again.  That’s two weeks in a row!!  So he is doing well.  He wants to serve a mission as well, so we are working with him.  So we may not be teaching a lot of people but we are doing some good here.

David with Elder Durrant

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13th

Another week come and gone. It all seems to be going by so fast!  This transfer is almost over with just one more week. It has gone by so fast and not a lot has happened. This may be the slowest the work has ever gone for me. I go out and work but nothing happens. Oh well I had interviews with president he is really happy with me. He told me he doesn't really care how the work goes he just wants me to help my comp out right now.  He is really worried about him. He also gave me a big thank you for dealing with Elder Webster and he told me he needs me to go leadership.  He said it’s a 50-50 if I leave Worcester this transfer but I’m not staying more then two transfers here. But he did say for sure I'm getting a new comp. I was so happy about that as I really don't like this one. He doesn't gq anyone.   I finally got him to stop people because I blew up at him and was really mad at him. He just stands there looking like he is in pain. President told me just do whatever it takes to get him to work. It’s hard to wanna go out and work when you were just told you are going to leave soon. I feel like that’s all I have done my whole mission is deal with comps who have issues and try to get them to work in a area where nothing is really happening and try to fix it and get things going and then get moved.  But whatever.  If that's just what the Lord wants to use me for here in England.

 Another cool thing is I got news we were the highest baptizing mission in all of Europe with 320 and no one was close. I was shocked!  This mission has a loads of retards, so how did we get 320?

It was an alright week and hope to get things rolling.  It’s just slow.  It’s starting to get a bit boring to tell the truth.  I just go do the same thing every day and nothing is coming from it. I guess that's why we have transfers.
 This is a club I pass everyday its called Sin....So I thought I should get a photo with sin.  And out to lunch with some of the other elders.

January 6th - Malvern Hills

This week was alright  - just lots of finding and talking to people on the street.  That seems to be the story of every area here in England. The two Chinese girls I found 4 weeks ago keep coming to church and are on a date to be baptized on the 18th.  They have loads of friends so the elders I gave them to are just loving it. I was a bit bitter about it, but after thinking about it a lot we are all on the same time so if they get baptized it’s a win for the Worcester team.  
This week we got to go climb the Malvern hills with them. I will put a few pictures in of it. It is very pretty! We got an investigator going pretty slow who should come to church on Sunday so that should be good.  We are still finding and talking to people on the street which my comp is not really doing. He just stands there while I talk to people on the street. I have been giving him prep talks and everything but nothing works.

This is like the story of my mission.  My last 4 comps have never talked to people on the street here.  Out of the last 4 only one picked it up and did it. Thing is in England 60% of baptisms come from member referrals. 30% are from street contact, street preaching or whatever you wanna call it. We call it gq and the other 10 come from nonmember referrals and knocking doors.  So gqing is the way to do things here. Hope this week we can get things rolling even more.

Miss you all a lot and love you guys.  Love Elder Doty