Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3rd

On Monday something crazy happened... for the 1st time in 12 weeks I had a companion gq someone and we got their details... I was shocked! His name was Craig and we ended up meeting with him on Sunday.  He is pretty cool.  He likes the Book of Mormon a lot and he said he would pray to see if it was true. Problem is he is really busy so we can only meet with him maybe once a week.

Highlight of this week was going to Evesham and seeing a few people.   I have a photo of me and Elder Taylor with the branch president. He got us lunch as well. I really miss Evesham and the people in that branch.

Went on exchange this week and boy was it nice.   I think the only thing that keeps me going is the members and the other elders. President is coming to our zone meeting this week so I guess he will want to see us and talk with us. President gave the OK for us to do work overs with the other Worcester elders so I can do one a week.

January 27th

So transfers have come and gone and I am staying here in Worcester and Elder Boilingbroke (in Worcester B) is staying as well.  And guess who came into Worcester? Elder Taylor!! He was with elder Dalton in Evesham right before I came and I took Taylor's place in Evesham.   We have been talking about how we are going to be comps or he is going to come into my district for the longest time and we thought it was never going to happen but now it has. But he isn’t my companion he is with Elder Boilingbroke....lucky dude.

 But my new Companion is Elder Worlton from Salt Lake City Utah Born and raised. And pretty much from day one we started out not liking each other very much.  He just came from Evington which is where I was with LePard and things didn't go very well so he hasn't heard the best of things about me from the ward. That ward didn't really like me much

 So this will be an interesting transfer to say the least. Don't know if we will make it 6 weeks but I will try. We did have plans to teach a few new people we found but they flogged or canceled so a bit of bad luck.

 Good news is a less active I worked with a lot in Evesham has moved here to Worcester so I'm going to work with him and try and get him on a mission. And I got to see an old Evesham member. Elder Taylor and I were really happy and we even phoned the branch president in Evesham to tell him some of his two favorite elders are coming into town soon so I am very happy about that.

I even made the mission blog!  On the left you have Elder Worlton, me, Elder Boilingbroke and Elder Taylor...the Worcester boys.