Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 6th

So this Saturday we were having dinner with members and Elder Harris pets this dog and it jumps up and bites his hand. To make the story short, he later passed out went into a mini shock and we went to the A&E and they they wrapped his hand up.  Looks like he will be going home with his hand in a wrap.

This is the story I tell... "We were walking out on the street and this dog was just walking by.  Then all the sudden some evil spirit entered the dog and it bit Elder Harris's hand so he had to use the other one to cast the demon out of it.  Then we went to the A&E."  I like my story better.

Other than that this week we painted the side of a house for Tula so she is a bit better about Jay getting baptized.  It doesn't look like he will make the 18th of May so we may have push that back :(

This week I went a bit all out on the shopping and got some Chelsea gear. They are going to be my team I support and I got some photos of them.

Sorry not much happened this week, just loads of finding. We planned for 14 lessons this week with people we met on the street and only had 1 hold on. So 13 people canceled or never showed up this week... a bit upsetting.

Miss and Love you all,  Elder Doty

District P-Day

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