Friday, July 4, 2014

June 30th - Dodge Night

Tonight is dodge night so we are going to find out if I'm staying here in wales or if I'm getting the move. I really hope I can stay here in Wales.  I'm loving it.

This week we did some painting of a member's house. I am really bad at painting. The whole pulling weeds thing I'm pretty good at but not painting. Also this week I had a dinner everyday which is so rare.

Sorry this email kinda sucks.  I just really wanna stay in Bridgend. I love this place. The members, the people everyone. I think I might cry if I leave.

Hope you all had a nice week,  Love Elder Doty
E-mail from the following day:
"Make that 6 months in Bridgend!!"
Yes that's right.  I'm staying in Bridgend another 6 weeks so that will be a total of 6 months in Bridgend!! I'm so pumped and Elder Chantry is staying as well!!


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