Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 27th

I'm staying in Bridgend for another 6 weeks.  My new comp is Elder Chantry.  He is cool and I like him.

This week was crazy.  I had to go to Swansea and be a Zone leader for a day. I was sending voice messages out and everything.  It was the real deal and pretty fun.

Our less actives are coming along great and doing well.  A few of them came to church.  Still nothing on the investigator side but that's alright. Besides that it's the same old finding and getting flogged.

Helping out at the animal shelter last week I got peed on by a rabbit :( I wasn't too happy with that rabbit.

Miss you all and love you

They say once a zone leader always a zone leader. And all zone leaders get a car..

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 20th

(No e-mail from David the previous week because we Skyped with him for Mother's Day. 
Best Mother's Day gift EVER!!!)
So I will keep this short I'm staying in Bridgend.  I'm getting a new comp.  I don't really know him that well and can't remember his name but I will tell you next week.
So all of our investigators have dropped us so we are back to finding all the time.  But I had an idea that I wanna try here. Since it's the summer time I'm going to try and help the members out a lot since I know them now I figure if I get them to like me they might give us people to teach. Plus the Bishop just said he will come out with us once a week to see less actives or teach.

Let you all know about this next week as for now I'm off to Swansea for the day!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 6th

So this Saturday we were having dinner with members and Elder Harris pets this dog and it jumps up and bites his hand. To make the story short, he later passed out went into a mini shock and we went to the A&E and they they wrapped his hand up.  Looks like he will be going home with his hand in a wrap.

This is the story I tell... "We were walking out on the street and this dog was just walking by.  Then all the sudden some evil spirit entered the dog and it bit Elder Harris's hand so he had to use the other one to cast the demon out of it.  Then we went to the A&E."  I like my story better.

Other than that this week we painted the side of a house for Tula so she is a bit better about Jay getting baptized.  It doesn't look like he will make the 18th of May so we may have push that back :(

This week I went a bit all out on the shopping and got some Chelsea gear. They are going to be my team I support and I got some photos of them.

Sorry not much happened this week, just loads of finding. We planned for 14 lessons this week with people we met on the street and only had 1 hold on. So 13 people canceled or never showed up this week... a bit upsetting.

Miss and Love you all,  Elder Doty

District P-Day

April 28th

This week we did a lot of finding. I spoke to this one girl her name is Rhianne. Turns out she is a singer and she is a upcoming star. And lucky me I was able to get her autograph... her 1st autograph sighing ever. One day this will be worth millions. She did make an appointment with us...but she was a no show. But if she makes millions one day and I can sell her autograph for money I will forgive her.

We got a new investigator this week and she seems pretty good. Also Jay came to church for all 3 hours so during 3rd hour we took his granddad and taught him the Restoration.  It was so good his granddad was bearing testimony to his grandson Jay and the spirit was so strong. He is on a date to be baptized on May 18th. But the problem is his mom isn't really 100% down with it. So we are trying to go over and paint her house and get her to be okay with it. She is a member but less active. Jay's grandparents are so pumped and they are driving like 15 miles out of the way to pick him up and take him to church.  They want this to happen to badly! And 15 miles in the UK is a big deal.

We have found a new flat to move in so we are away from the club, but still in city center which is good. Don't know when we will get the ok to move into it but that flat is pretty good.

This week everyone canceled on us. We had a projected 9 lessons but only ended up with 2. It hurts when you see all your hard work of speaking out and talking to people they say yeah I will meet up then they just blow you off. Whenever that happens I just say their heart is like an icebox. However Friday night changed my life. We were having a crap day and nothing went right and it had been that way the last few days.  It was 8pm no one is out so we are just kinda walking around and this guy stops and talks to us. He is a bit drunk but we get to talking and he then asks us to go to the pub with him and buy a drink. We look at each other and say why not. So he took us to pub and got us cokes. It was so funny everyone around us is drinking away we just sipping on some coke having a chat with him. Scott I will always remember him.

Also this week Tyson read the book of Mormon and he feels that its true.
And a member gave us a Welsh flag so I hung it up in our flat and got a picture.