Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th

This Friday I did my normal 10 am “gq” over by the ASDA (a big store) and  I have done this maybe 20 times now.  Some dude comes up to me and tells me that this is "private property and I am not allowed here".  I turn and look at him and ask who owns this property?  He says it doesn’t matter and I need to get off now.  I just looked at him and gave him a look of "I will be back".    I later asked around and from what people have told me it looks like public property.  So we should get an interesting story next week if I don’t get transferred.

This week we had zone meeting and a few elders that I have got to know are going home in the next 3 days.  It was sad to see them go. Elder Durrant will be one of them.  He was my comp in Coventry and he is headed back to Arizona on Wednesday.  It’s always around this time I think what if my mission ended right now.  And thank heavens it’s not.  I still got a lot I need to do out here.

I took my driver’s test... the real one.  I passed the written one but I failed this like hazard test...turns out I was taking wrong ones online. Like it is to test how fast your reaction times are but the online ones I was taking are not the same. So sometime in February I will have to take it again. I felt so stupid when I walked out of the test center.

We met with an ex member this week. He was once upon a time a bishop and very active and then just kinda dropped off.  He said he was "burnt out" but when I looked at him I could tell there was something he wasn’t telling me. He did ask us to come do service with him around the community so we might do that in the future.

Transfers call is tonight. I’m pretty sure elder Nielsen will be leaving and I will get some new person.  Rumor has it the other elders’ flat is closing down and one is going home and they might just join me with the other elder and make it one big area.  I think that would be great. I personally think you only need one team of elders here in Worcester.

Our less active came to church again.  That’s two weeks in a row!!  So he is doing well.  He wants to serve a mission as well, so we are working with him.  So we may not be teaching a lot of people but we are doing some good here.

David with Elder Durrant

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