Monday, June 24, 2013

Car Show

No explanation from him about these pictures.
My guess is a car show. (?)


This is the "District" David has been serving in while in Coventry.
His note says they are the best and are leading the mission!!

June 24th

All is well here in Coventry. We plan on having 3 people to be baptized on June 30. They are all sweet and we are both pumped.

All we really did this week was go from lesson to lesson and then do some finding. Found a family so maybe we can have some luck there. We were dropped by Shanice the other day. She was on a date for July 5. She has family issues and they don't really like the church a lot, But she knows it's true. A few years down the road she will make a great member. I bashed with a few people this week. Not sure if it's the best thing to do but when you step on my feet I'm going at you. I got a few pictures this week so that's all good for you picture lovers. Besides that nothing really happened just a lot of travel from this place to that place and teaching mixed with some finding. Like I said all is well. We get the transfer dodge tonight. I don't think many changes will be happening here in Coventry.

Love you all and miss you all very much!
Elder Doty

*** An E-mail from David's cousin Annie showed up later today with this news:

Michelle! I'm emailing an elder in David's Mission and he told me to tell you this:

"This is important, Tell Elder Doty's family he is getting transferred out of Coventry, he doesn't know where yet, but he also got the call to be a district leader."

Monday, June 17, 2013

David's comment about this picture:
Here is a picture of the biggest odd ball lady on earth. no joke. 
we had dinner with them yesterday. it was very odd.
she was talking with birds and swearing at us.
so i had to get a picture with her.
sorry no other pictures I will get some good ones this week.

Hello family and friends happy late Fathers Day!!

This was a good week. I only worked in my area for like 3 days because of the exchanges this week. I had a lot of fun this week being on exchange with some fun missionaries. The Coventry area is going very well. We now have 5 people on a date. Festus the man who stopped us is still good to go. He should be on June 27 or 28. Marcus and Susan both came to church this Sunday and said they can't wait to become members of this church. They are also set for the 27 or 28 of June. Then we have Shanice.  She is 17 years old and is working for the 5 or 6 of July. The 4 of them are way solid. I'm pumped about them. The last person is a guy named Kwame we weren't able to see him this week and his date is for the 27 of July. Everything seems to be going okay. we are seeing many blessings and are very happy for them. Next week we get the transfer dodge. I hope Elder Durrant and I both stay because we work well together. Nothing cool really happened this week just normal missionary work.

Love you all and miss you all so much,  
Love Elder Doty

Monday, June 10, 2013

 David and his companion, Elder Durrant.
David is taking the picture in the mirror...
(We should have gone over this before he left for England...)
About this picture David says:
This place is right outside of my flat where I go running and do pull ins everyday.

June 10th

          Hello family and friends. Another great week for Elder Durrant and me. As of right now we have 6 people on a date for baptism. We had to drop the date for Marcus and Susan June 20. Get this... so Marcus prayed to get a job and then he then called us and said he got it.  But the job is all the way up in Blackpool, which is WAY north. So we have mixed feelings about it. Like we are happy he prayed and got the job but we don't know the next time we will be able to meet with them. Susan said he might be back this weekend and he will call us when he gets back. 

          But we did have a great lesson with a man named Kwame. He is a media referral and he wants to come to church but works on Sunday. So with the help of our Ward Mission Leader we put him on a date for July 27. We said if you really want to know this is true and want a new job set this date and let the Lord do his work. And then we pulled out 1 Nephi 3:7.  It was very strong lesson. I haven't had a lesson like that in a while.

          Elder Durrant worked his magic this week. He said he felt like we needed to go by this house and it was a girl who he met a few weeks ago when he was on exchange. We meet with her and her twin sister and set up a time for us to go by later in the week. I was on exchange with a new elder so I didn't get to be in the lesson. I get back from the exchange and Elder Durrant says he has one of the girls on a date for July 5. I was shocked! And then he says both of them are coming to church this Sunday. So they come to church and during 3rd hour I have Elder Durrant go with a member and teach both of them and I stay with Festus (our investigator for June 27) So 3rd hour is over I go up to them and Elder Durrant is showing them the baptism font and one of them says I'm going to try and get my mom to church and I want my mom to get baptized on July 5 as well. So Elder Durrant worked his magic and we have two17 year old girls on a date and the mom said she will come to church this Sunday. We are meeting with them Tuesday but I'm on exchange again so Elder Durrant will be with another elder meeting with them. I have no fear Elder Durrant will handle it alright.

           Festus is still good and on pace for June 27. The other two are on a date for July 29. It's a bus driver named Henry and his little girl Beverly. We can only meet with them once a week so it sucks but they both said they will read and pray. We also plan to work with the wife...once we meet her.

            Everything is going very well. The Lord blessed us this week once again. It's crazy to think just two weeks ago we had nothing happening. The area was dead and I mean dead... nothing was happening.

Thank you all for the letters and emails you are all so good to me.
Love Elder Doty
Hey BIG news just came in like right after I left from email. A lady from the mission called me and said President asked me to get my British divers license. Don't really know what that means but it sounds pretty cool!

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3rd

Hello family and friends
I'm going to go ahead and say this was maybe the best week of my mission. All we did this week was go from teaching this person to teaching that person. As of right now we have 5 people on a date for baptism.
20th of June is Marcus and Susan. (We might have to move then back a week because they didn't come to church.) And a black man who stopped us last week. His name is Festus he is on date for June 27. (We might move him up a week because he is so awesome.) The other two are Henry and his daughter and they are on date for the 19 of July. It was an awesome week.
Now we really need to find some new people because in about 3 weeks we will have no one to teach because they will ether be a member or they won't want anything to do with the church. We had lots of lessons and it was a very good week. I can't go into detail about my week because my time is short this week. But it was a very good week we have been so blessed this week I can't even tell you how many blessings we had this week. I love you all and miss you all very much!!

Love Elder Doty

Photos from Coventry

 David's new flat in Coventry.

 With his last companion, Elder Webber
Not sure who he is with... but they are at a zone conference.