Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13th

Another week come and gone. It all seems to be going by so fast!  This transfer is almost over with just one more week. It has gone by so fast and not a lot has happened. This may be the slowest the work has ever gone for me. I go out and work but nothing happens. Oh well I had interviews with president he is really happy with me. He told me he doesn't really care how the work goes he just wants me to help my comp out right now.  He is really worried about him. He also gave me a big thank you for dealing with Elder Webster and he told me he needs me to go leadership.  He said it’s a 50-50 if I leave Worcester this transfer but I’m not staying more then two transfers here. But he did say for sure I'm getting a new comp. I was so happy about that as I really don't like this one. He doesn't gq anyone.   I finally got him to stop people because I blew up at him and was really mad at him. He just stands there looking like he is in pain. President told me just do whatever it takes to get him to work. It’s hard to wanna go out and work when you were just told you are going to leave soon. I feel like that’s all I have done my whole mission is deal with comps who have issues and try to get them to work in a area where nothing is really happening and try to fix it and get things going and then get moved.  But whatever.  If that's just what the Lord wants to use me for here in England.

 Another cool thing is I got news we were the highest baptizing mission in all of Europe with 320 and no one was close. I was shocked!  This mission has a loads of retards, so how did we get 320?

It was an alright week and hope to get things rolling.  It’s just slow.  It’s starting to get a bit boring to tell the truth.  I just go do the same thing every day and nothing is coming from it. I guess that's why we have transfers.
 This is a club I pass everyday its called Sin....So I thought I should get a photo with sin.  And out to lunch with some of the other elders.

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