Monday, April 7, 2014

March 24th

March 22nd was a great day - Maybe the best day of my mission.  The Goddards from Evesham went to the London temple and were sealed as a family!! Also that was my 16 month mark...I'm a old man out here.   

Wales is still great! I love this place! I still can't really understand anyone but I just act like I do, I'm getting really good at that. Things are just so nice.  Elder Moore has been here a long time so he knows almost everything about the area so it's very laid back.  No getting lost just work and that's something I can do. I don't have to worry about all the other little stuff.

Some news with our Investigator Gavin and Rob. They live at this home which is an animal rescue shelter with a member. They have so many cats, dogs, rabbits and all kinds of things from a pig to a Raven and all kinds of things even huge snakes (sorry dad). But anyways they were given a 2 months heads up to move out. The landlord lady wants the house so workers for this church of England can live there and work at the church. So they have been stressed out of their minds. They have to find a place for themselves and also a place for all the animals to live. They are looking for a barn or something so the animals can continue to live with them but if they don't find a place for them or the animals they will have to put the animals to sleep. So a very stressful thing for them and that has kinda put there progress on investigating the church really slow. So pray for a blessing or something good to happen.

Still working with a few less actives they are kinda slow as well. People seem to think they have all the time in the world sometimes.

I got a few pictures:  A sign I saw at a curch that made me laugh
 the tower looking thing is where the welsh Rugby team plays
and a selfie of elder moore and me

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