Friday, June 20, 2014

June 16th

This was another good week. Did I tell you guys how much I love Wales?

This week I got to go on exchange into Cardiff. That place is sweet!  So many people and the weather has been off the charts amazing! So we have been doing loads of service and teaching our less actives and it's going very well.

We even got a member to come out finding with us for a day and we were able to find a 19 year old named Robin and we taught him. So things are picking up and are doing well.

We were also able to help out at the farm again.   So I got a picture of this chicken. (Found those shades at Primark...1£ great deal.)

Also I woke up one morning to find this "guest" in our flat. Turns out he had flown in the window so we had a fun time getting him out.  And yes, we are still in the flat next to the club.

Sorry for the short email but I'm off to Cardiff again for district P-day.

Miss you and love you

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