Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th - The Walk In

On Sunday we had 3 walk ins to church. That never happens. One of them was a homeless man. He even went up and bore his testimony. I don't really know what he said... something about hitting someone and Hitler. It was pretty good. He said he felt very welcome and plans to come next week. Along with a Hungarian lady who we believe is a media referral we got a few days ago.
This week we were going by a less active as it was his birthday and it turns out he was baptized by Elder Chantry my last comp. He said he would like to come back to church and is going to meet with the bishop this week!

We also had zone conference this week and Elder Bowen of the 70 came and spoke. He did a good job and if it is your last zone conference they ask you to give your departing testimony. I spoke about the change that I felt I had made and said it was because my trainer and I came up with "Nike"..."Just do it". When you get a feeling you should do something...just do it. It was a bitter sweet moment to give my departing testimony. It has been a journey for sure.  I have learned so much I can't really say everything I want to in 2-3 minutes.

Not a bad week for being sick in the flat for most of it. I'm looking forward to feeling better and having another awesome week.

Love Elder Doty

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