Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dodge Night - April 14th

Whenever it is transfer call night it's called "dodge night" and tonight we get the call for the transfers!! I'm really hoping I get to stay here in Bridgend with Elder Moore.  I'm not ready for a change yet.

This week they made us start looking at a new place to live since we do live about 20 feet from a night club and Friday and Saturday night I don't get much sleep because it's so loud. But the last few weeks we have been getting sleeping pills and we take some and pass out before it gets too loud. So far no luck and any good flats.

We had Zone meeting this week, so I was able to see a few elders and get some photos with them. The zone meeting was pretty good it was all about getting investigators to learn and grow, so the basics of reading your scriptures, saying your prayers and going to church. It was pretty good, and I'm not the biggest fan of meetings.

We did service for Jay's Grandma and Grandpa (Brother and Sister Smallman) they are so funny!! We just pulled a whole bunch of English ivy out of the ground and saw Brother Smallman's prized collection of cactus. They were both so funny. We also set up a little game plan of how to get their grandson Jay to Church.

On Saturday we went to Jemmina's Place (an animal rescue shelter) to help with some animals,  It was alot of fun and we also got to go to their fund raiser party deal. I felt so out of place. A member here is the founder of Jemmina's Place so guess what I get to do on Tuesday.  I get to help "fix" a pony. Yes I will be helping de-nut the pony. I think I'm going to pass out. I didn't even sleep last night.

On Sunday church was crazy!! Like no one came and it was fast and testimony meeting - oh boy it was crazy! We had everything: one girl went up and  she is from Utah but just visiting here for a few months.  Someone called her out to go up and bear testimony so she went up and said the " For some reason I always seem to fit in with the weirdos, so I seem to fit in perfectly with this ward." I was happy we didn't have any investigators at church. But I'm not going to lie it was pretty funny. We also got to go to this member's house and they have crazy swords. So I got load of pictures with them.

I'm really hoping I stay here in Bridgend with Elder Moore. I will let you guys know on Tuesday.
So Elder Moore is leaving.  I'm way sad but I'm getting an Elder Harris. It's his last 5 weeks in the mission so I'm "killing" another missionary. This is like the 5th one or something like that. But I'm happy I get to stay here in Bridgend so everything happens for a reason.  AND I didn't cut off any pony's nuts because we were super busy packing and stuff.

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