Friday, July 4, 2014

June 23rd - Service Week

This week we had a service project everyday.  It was great but I'm really sore. It went from painting to pulling weeds to pulling a wall down and moving rocks.  It was a lot of fun. It's so nice outside.

The other day I had a member we have been working with come up to Elder Chantry and I and say that we are the first Elders he can remember our names in 15 years because no one took the time to go out and visit them and work with them in their yard and show that we really cared. Due to this he has us teaching his grandson who I bet will be baptized in July time. If that worked it would be Bridgend's first baptism in a year.

England got knocked out of the World Cup. They have a sick obsession with Wayne Rooney. It's gross. I got a photo of the Metro. (That's the UK's largest free newspaper.) The cover and title says it all.

Hope all is well back home miss you and love you all,  Love, Elder Doty

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