Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We Had a Freaking Baptism!

This week was just so great I can't even explain. It was like all the prayers in the last 3-4 weeks all got answered in just one week. Since the senior couple is gone we have to get around by bike, train and bus which just sucks.  But it’s life.  But we were always running behind time getting somewhere are we HAD to make a train at a right time or a bus at the right time and every time we just said a real fast prayer it always worked.  The bus came early or the train was running a few minutes behind or something always happened so it worked out for us. We saw Elaine and as you can tell by now we had a baptism. She was so pumped for it. She had the biggest smile on her face and she was crying and everything.  It was SO good. It was Elder Bills first baptism in the mission and he was so happy about that. The ward really stepped up and welcomed her and were all so nice to her. Everything just worked out perfect. If only every week could be like that.. But then I guess weeks like this wouldn't be as great then.  

The Senior couple came down from Preston to see her baptism They were so happy; everyone was just so happy. This was the first baptism Boston has had since February of 2013.  So the ward just way pumped. Well everyone was pumped. It was such a good way to end the transfer. We get the call tonight and I think it is fair to say Elder Bills will be leaving Boston. He has been here for 6 months now and it’s his first area. I'm pretty sure I'm staying here. It’s going to be hard now because we now have 0 investigators. We have to start from step one....find someone to teach. I hope my new comp is ready to do loads of finding in the rain. We are having a huge storm right now so the winter is coming into England now.

With the baptism of Elaine I had some time to reflect on my own baptism while I have been here and I thought about each person and how they are a child of God and how happy he is for them. I texted the elders in my past areas and asked how they are all doing.  So here is a little update on them.

  The Goddard family is doing way good they are making plans to go to the temple to be sealed this coming December.

Angie is still having a really hard time and missionaries can’t get into to see her and she is really stressed.  I wrote her a letter trying to help her out.

Festus has gone a big off the rails and missionaries can’t get a hold of him and he keeps flogging. Don't really know what’s up

Marcus and Susan are doing really good.  They come to church every Sunday and are loving it.

 I hope I can stay in touch with all of them.  They are great people and I loved getting to know them and work with them.

Sister Teague is SO nice.  She loves elder Bills and I.  We spent all Sunday there.  We did pumpkins and played on the trampoline with the whole family it was SO much fun. I felt like a kid again. I needed it.  Thanks Teague family!!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Benbow Farm and Gadfield Elm Chapel

This is what my mission president said about the places we visited on Friday:

A special mission event will be held during October at Gadfield Elm Chapel and Benbow Farm. These historically significant places will be our privilege to see, experience and remember together.

The Gadfield Elm Chapel near the village of Pendock in Worcestershire, England, is the oldest existing chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The structure was built in 1836 as a religious meetinghouse by the United Brethren, a group of breakaway Methodists led by Thomas Knighton and John Benbow. In 1840, Elder Wilford Woodruff of the Quorum of the Twelve preached among the United Brethren; ultimately all but one of the 600 members of the United Brethren were converted. After the conversions, the structure was deeded to the Church by Thomas Knighton and John Benbow. Three prophets have spoken in Gadfield Elm Chapel.

At Benbow Farm, Elder Wilford Woodruff first began to preach the restored gospel in Southwest England and at the farm’s pond he baptized many of the United Brethren group, including John and Jane Benbow. These new converts immigrated to America where they made significant contributions to the Church.

Following our trip to Gadfield Elm Chapel and Benbow Farm, we will travel to Gloucester Chapel for lunch and a group activity. It will be a glorious and inspiring time. Sister Rasmussen and I are looking forward to being with each of you. Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord.

October 21

This has been a great week and Elder Bills and I have great news. Our one and only investigator Elaine is going to be baptized this Saturday the 26!! We are so happy!! So let me take you through the week.

Tuesday we tried to see Elaine but the senior couple’s car broke down so we couldn't make it to see her. The senior couple was SO sad because we all felt like that was the lesson where she was going to set a baptism date. So we spent that whole day dealing with car issues.

Wednesday we had Zone meeting so we had to train to Nottingham then I went on exchange with Elder Higham.  He is a cool guy and a hard worker. Elder Bills and Elder Human went to see Elaine and after they called us saying they have great news!!! Elder Bills said all he did was tell her she is ready and will she be baptized. She said yes and what do I need to do to be ready. Sounds like it was really easy.  Elder Bills was SO happy as this will be his first baptism on his mission and he has been working with Elaine for 6 months now. 

Thursday I was still in Lincoln with elder Higham and we had so many lessons.  Lots of Chinese people so it’s like teaching a child because they don't really know who god is or what is a god. After playing train hopper to get back to Boston with elder Bills we figured everything out for the baptism.  Setting up a baptism is so stressful!!

Friday we got to go with a large bit of the mission to Benbow Farm and Gadfield Elm Chapel. The farm is where what’s his face taught 600 people and baptized like 599 of them.  I got a picture of it. And the chapel is the Church's oldest chapel on earth, so i got a picture of that as well.
Saturday we did a mini swap so elder Higham, the district leader, could go up to Boston to interview Elaine and she passed, so she is all good to go for the 26!! And I was in Lincoln with elder Human and we did more teaching. They teach so much in Lincoln. It’s nice with lots of Chinese people.

Sunday was great.  We had church and Elaine came and the ward is so pumped for her. This is the first baptism since like April time for Boston so they are all way happy. Also we got to teach youth. It was so much fun.  Elder bills and I just made up a lesson. We just talk about commandments and how they bless us.  It was a lot of fun. Then we went to a less active’s house for dinner and it was a really good full grown roast dinner. SO good. Also I fell off my bike in the mud... my ego and pride are hurt a bit. Elder Bills got a photo of me after I got up.  Haha… it was really funny.
All in all this has been such a good week We said goodbye to the senior couple but they are coming back for the baptism this Saturday. All the crap that has happened the last few weeks with the death of grandpa and going to to the hospital just doesn't matter anymore I'm so happy. The Lord has been so good to Elder Bills and me. Transfer is on the 30th so Elder Bills’s time in Boston is just about up. Sad to see him go but I'm happy he is going with a baptism!

Love you all so much I am so grateful for the prayers you have sent our way.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumkin Carving


October 14th

t was so nice to be able to talk with the family, but it made me miss you all so much. Made me look forward to going home.

This week we were able to get back into things as we saw a lot of less actives and I wasn't sick which always helps. Well I still am kinda sick and I have lost like 13 pounds of weight and the mission president’s wife made me go to the A&E to see a doctor.  So we had to take a train out to Nottingham and see a doctor. What a waste of time that was.  All he did was tell me to go get my poop tested..... I don't know if I'm going to do that. So I hope I get over this 100%. The senior couple goes home this week so no more car. So that also means lots of taking buses and trains and biking....not looking forward to that. 


Maybe the highlight of the week missionary wise was watching one of the returning members that we have been working with go up to bare her testimony and she saw someone else was going at the same time so she ran up to beat him.  It was so funny.  She has made so much progress from when I got here. She is working on going to the temple and I'm sure she should be able to make it in the next few weeks.


We also have a lot of other less actives we are working with. With the senior couple leaving we pick up a few that they left. Really that's all we are working with. But then again we have 93+ less active families so that's a lot of people for us to work with. So we should stay busy the next few weeks. Transfers are the 30th of October so Elder Bills will be leaving for sure.  President told me.  But he also might train so maybe I go. Who knows.  I just wish we could get a few more investigators to work with.  We still have our 1 which is Elaine. We are going to try and get her on a date this week. She is so ready, she just needs to pull the trigger.

Well I love you all and miss you all. Love elder doty 

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7th

Not much to report this week as I was down with the sickness the whole week. So we only did 20 mins of finding, so nothing really happened this week. Sickness is still floating around and if it doesn't go away in the next few days I will be making a trip to the A&E.  (I don't know what it stands for.)  I saw a lot of general conference, everything but the Sunday afternoon session.

3  favorite talks:  Edward Dube  (mostly because he is black)
Dieter F Uchtdorf  at priesthood session
and M Russell Ballard because he is my favorite.
Overall they were all good but I just really liked these ones.

Look forward to talking to the family again on Sunday during skype.
Peace love and blessings, Elder Doty

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tattershall Castle

End of September

Crazy to say it’s almost October. It has gone by so fast. It’s weird to say but I only have a year left in the mission.  Because of the visa we only serve 23 month missions. So end of October 2014 I will be headed home. It has gone by way too fast.
Elder Bills and I have been just GQing like crazy. We have been stopping everyone left and right and trying to give them cards, books, leaflets, anything.  English people are very rude. I was told to f-off 2 or 3 times this week.  All I did was ask him if he was doing alright and how his day was. Fun part of the week was I got to bash with a JW (Jehovah’s Witness) and I ripped him apart. I know they tell us not to bash but he made a cheap shot at Mormons and so I tore him apart. He said a church shouldn't be centered on Jesus. I then explained to him about the fall of Adam and Eve and because of that we are forever damned unless something can lift us from that. This something has to be an atonement which Jesus Christ did. The man just said nothing and asked for a leaflet and then left. Never got a call or anything. Elder Bills said that was the coolest thing ever. He has never bashed before and now he really wants to bash with someone... oops.
But besides that we have been talking to a lot of people.  The ward has been feeding us well. How can I lose weight when they keep feeding me?  But today we are going to a member’s place and they have a gym so that's going to be sweet. I'm pumped for general conference.  I'm calling it right now… a temple in Scotland or England (Birmingham) - just wait and see.  The prophet  and I are buds. Last night we went to this family home evening at a member’s house and I must have eaten something that was bad for me because now I'm way sick.  We had to cancel a few things today which sucks.  But 1st time in 10 months I have been sick, so I would say that's pretty good.
well miss you all and love you all. – Elder Doty