Monday, August 19, 2013

Photos from Boston

 David and Elder Bills (his new companion)

 At the top of a church...

August 19th

This has been a good week. I got to meet a lot of the ward. I really like the ward and it's full of good people. I was also able to see and meet with all of our investigators and the good news is we have good investigators. Some of them are wasters but a few of them are good. We put one of them on a date for the 13 of September (early birthday gift) and I think she will make it.  She is 23 and married. Her husband has been way sick so we might be able to put him on a date as well once he gets better. We also have other people who I think could be baptized in the future, we just need to get a hold of them and teach them. Like this 13 year old girl named Jordan. She is so solid, we just need parent's permission so we can go in. She came to church with her grandma and said she loved it. So things are looking very good here in Boston.
I am on a bike but we don't bike much. The area is huge and we have a senior couple who drives us around so that's good.  I'm loving this area.  But how can you not with the place I just came from. Elder Bills is a really good missionary and he is fun and he likes to have fun, so life is great.

Thanks everyone for the letters and emails you are the best,  Love Elder Doty

Monday, August 12, 2013

St Botolph's Church

David's comment:  "This is a sweet church. 
You can see it from anywhere in Boston."

August 12th

So a lot has happened this week. Been a bit crazy I must say. Start from Monday...

Monday night I went out finding with the zone leaders, a guy named Elder Steele. He is really good. I haven't done finding in such a long time it was like I had a transfer off, like I didn't know what to say sometimes. But Elder Steele helped me out and that's also what I did Tuesday was just finding. They got a member with them so one of us would go teaching with the member and the others would go finding. I was the one who always went finding.

Wednesday I was at the mission home for about 8 hours just waiting for the bus to take me from Birmingham to Boston. I was able to talk with all the missionaries I wanted to and catch up with a few of them.  I sold Elder LePard's bike to a new missionary. He thought I was messing with him when I told him the price £120 for the bike a helmet two cables and a D-lock (best lock money can buy.) I could have sold it for about 170£, but I just wanted to get rid of it. So once the bus came a senior couple comes up to me and goes hey you are Elder Doty, you are with us. They are the senior couple in Boston, Elder and Sister Newing-Southworth. They gave me and another Elder a ride up to Boston. Very nice that I didn't have to spend any money on trains or anything. I met my new companion, Elder Bills and had a lesson with an Investigator that night.  I was thinking man in one night I have done more here in Boston then I did all last transfer haha...sad thing is it's true.

Thursday got to know the area a bit better and got some food, did a bit of finding and found a black guy named Enoch. Best part is I love working with black people so something might happen. He did cancel on us last night but oh well.

Friday we did planning and did more finding. It's weird because Elder Bills wants to go out and work. I haven't had that in such a long time so it's good. I really like it. Elder Bills has been out 3 transfers (this is his 3rd) so I'm follow up training. He is a good kid from Utah and wants to work and  wants to baptize so life is good. Friday night we tracted into this Golden lady named Savannah. She seems way solid. I haven't felt this way about someone since Festus. And Festus got baptized...

Saturday we had this awkward member come out finding with us. No luck at all I felt bad we didn't give the member a good idea of what missionary work is like.

Sunday I got a very warm welcome from the ward. They seem very happy to have me. I was happy I didn't see a lot of old people in the ward. It looks young with  a few more members than Evesham but not by many. After church we went with the senior couple to go by a few less actives and then Enoch gave us a text and said can't do tonight. The senior couple is very nice and funny. They have this old look but still young at heart.  It's funny to watch.

Boston is a very nice area and I like it. It's VERY flat. no hills at all. We might hit up the coast/ocean today we aren't sure yet. But I'mvery happy to be here in Boston and very happy to be with Elder Bills.

Love you all and miss you all very much, Love Elder Doty   

Photos from Leicester

 David with Elder Sedillo before David got transferred.
David loved working with him.

"This is what we did on p-day the other day. The wizards are me, elder smith and elder sedillo and elder clem. They all really helped me get by with my hard times with elder Lepard. I spent a lot of time with them this transfer. Going to miss them all!

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5th

So the big news is out. My companion Elder LePard went home. After 6 weeks of trying to go home he finally pulled the trigger and went home. All in all he is a good kid but I'm happy so see him go.
This week all we did was meet with president and get Lepard suits so he could go home looking "fresh". So we did that all week and now after being with the "ap"s (assistants to the president) for the last day I'm now with some zone leaders and will be with them until I get a new area and new companion in 2 days. Very happy about that. I have talked to president more this transfer then I hope to the rest of my mission. If I can go the rest of my mission not speaking to president it will be a good mission. Love the guy just spent too much time with him.
Well this week will be a good week. Get to work with a future :ap" and a missionary who served with Elder Dalton. Next week should be a great one.
Love, Elder Doty