Friday, March 7, 2014

March 3rd - Let the Madness Begin

Monday Elder Worlton got a call from president that he is going to be training so that means that I will be getting the boot out of Worcester. I don't know where I'm going yet. Rumor still has me going back to Evesham. But I did start that rumor so it really doesn't mean much.

Tuesday I just showed Elder Worlton around the area and told him what I know about members and all of our investigators.

Wednesday we had district meeting but we had to stay extra long due to someone jumping in front of the train... so I have a few pictures of the district.

Thursday we had to close down the other elders in Worcesters flat and get Elder Taylor's stuff over to ours, help clean the flat and move all the stuff into the APs van.  It was just a bit of a crazy day.  We had to say goodbye to Elder Bolingbroke. I already miss him and it’s only been like 4 days. Because some Elder went home early and it’s so close to transfers we had to move Elder Bolingbroke over to fill in the elders place. Then we had Dinner at the Nolan's and I finally won in Uno!  We play it every week and my last week I finally won. Shout out to the Nolan's they read my blog every week!

Friday Elder Worlton had to go up to the mission home for a “how to train new missionaries” meeting. So I got to spend the day with Elder Taylor and we took the rest of the stuff out of the other elders’ flat and did a whole bunch of stuff that he needed to get done for going home since he will be heading home on Tuesday. Sad to see him go. But I'm sure I will bump into him after the mission.

Saturday we did more getting things for Elder Worlton’s new missionary and Elder Taylor getting things ready to go home.

Sunday I got to say goodbye to members and get a few photos with them and did a bit of seeing around Worcester so Worlton has an idea of what he is doing when he gets his boy.

Tonight I will find out where I'm getting moved to. I don't get why they just don't tell us on Sunday night so I can tell you all where I'm going. but whatever.  Miss you all and love you!

Love Elder Doty

Photos: The Nolans! The best family is Worcester hand down. They are people that really do care about missionaries. They fed us every week. A big thank you to them. And they gave me that sweet looking tie!  (Thank you Nolans Family!! - David's mom really appreciates all you've done for him!!)

And the Evesham district. I have spent over half my mission in the Evesham district.

I have just been sent to Wales!! To an area called Bridgend! And I have already spoken to my new comp Elder Moore and I already like him. Hoping for a good transfer!

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