Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7th

This week was so much fun! I got to play touch rugby on Monday. I was so sore the rest of the week from it. I guess I'm bit out of shape. But today I'm going back into Cardiff to play football with the zone. So my Liverpool jersey will be making its way out.

Good news we been talking to Jay's moms and she gave us the ok to teach him and if he wants to be baptised. Jay already said he wants to get baptised so we just need to teach him. It's hard getting a hold of him because he is only 11 almost 12 so he doesn't have a phone or anything and lives about 8 miles away from us.

The big story of the week was general conference. I was able to see Saturday afternoon the priesthood and Sunday morning. I know they tell you not to pick favorites but Elder Ballard took it for me. I love that guy. Maybe it's just because in his book "Our Search For Happiness" (great book) he talks about on his mission walking by a river in Nottingham. Well guess who was able to walk by the same river in!

Also the animal rescue place has found a house now and we are going to help him fix it up once they get the keys. Many prayers went to them and God answered them!!

 Miss you all very much, Love Elder Doty
Also our investigator Gavin took us to the sand dunes very close to his house.
At the sand dunes they flim loads of movies here, like doctor who and stuff. Gavin named a whole bunch but i forgot them.

I also forgot to say that Jay lives next to a beach so we made a little side tour to see it.
 The photos are of elder Moore and me.  We got to visit a castle this week and I took loads of pictures and videos. So much fun!


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