Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 20th

My stomach is feeling better. I think it was this spice I was putting in my rice that was causing the pain and runs so I cut that out don't worry. 
I spoke to a guy who works at an apple store. I told him what I needed for school and stuff. He said I should go with the iphone 5S. He wasn't too interested in the gospel but we still had a good chat. Things are doing okay.
I was a bit bumped out about not having a baptism my second year of my mission. But I spoke on the phone to some members in Bridgend. They said the ward still talks about me and even in Evesham as well. Turns out I had an impact on people's lives I just lost sight of that for a bit this week. Buts things should be good for this week.  We have some good things planned and hopefully the week will go by fast. The slow days are just killer...also when it rains but that hasn't happened alot this week...thankfully. Miss you mother and love you. Will see you soon

Love David

October 13th

My stomach is feeling better. I went and saw a doctor and talked with her. She was so nice and a good doctor. She just told me it's some kind of bug that is causing this and your body is just trying to get rid of it. I still can't really eat much. Toast is getting pretty boring haha.
No I haven't heard of  "Meet the Mormons". Wait was that a church thing about a missionary in Leeds England? if so I heard that kind of stunk and didn't really help the church that much.
I hope Allen and Malyssa can find a place. If not I'm fine with Allen's old room. I keep having dreams you guys sell my bed for a horse.... I'm doing just fine.
I had a interview with the mission president. It went well. We just spoke about going home. I wasn't trunky until that interview and well now I am just a little bit. He just spoke about home and girls the whole time. Turns out he was dear johned on his mission and told me a story about it. 
But things are going good. See you in a few weeks. Also im not going to do a group email anymore. too much work.  Love you mom!!

October 6th

David has stopped doing long, group e-mails.  So this is the e-mail he sent to his Mom:

This weekend I have gotten sick. Do you remember this time last year when I had the stomach flu? Well the same kinda thing has come back, but not as bad. But the mission doctor people have told me when I go home to seek a doctor. If it continues in the next few days they are going to have me see a doctor.
So I was able to see a bit of conference, but some of it I slept because I was not feeling well. They think it's something I ate that my belly doesn't like. I will keep you updated the next few days. I think it will pass soon. but I'm doing okay.  See you soon mom!!
Love you!!