Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 17th

On Monday I was able to go play some basketball which I haven't done in ages! It felt so good I miss it. And good news is...I still got my jumper. Just wait Adam and dad this guy is going to light you up like its new years!!!

 In other news I visited my second home EVESHAM!! Oh it was so nice to be back in the tiny little flat and seeing people and walking the streets where I started my mission. I never thought I would say this but I wanna go back and serve there only like 12 weeks not 6 months like last time,  but I would just love it. I would be able to see everyone I haven't seen in a year! A lot has changed in a year, even in that small little place. That was the high light of my week easy.  I love Evesham!  I felt like I was part of the family when I was there.

In Worcester we have had loads of flooding.  The local river is 45feet higher than the normal height. But we live far away from the river so no bad flooding for us unlike it was in Boston when I was almost flooded.

Speaking of Boston if any of you remember Donna she was a lady I found and taught in Boston. She was on a date when I left and she dropped the date a short time after I left Boston to go to Worcester. But she is back on a date for March 1st.   So I will be having a baptism in 2014 just not in my area. If Boston was closer I would make a trip of it.  But I plan to speak to her on the phone to tell her congrats. I'm very excited about that!

Besides that nothing really has been happening, just trying to find people and stay dry from the down pour of rain which didn't really happen.

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