Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 11th

Tonight we have the transfer calls. It seems that I will be leaving Wales :(  I have loved it here. I have a few pictures of members.

We were able to have a lesson with our investigator Nesley. Only problem is he is living with his girlfriend and won't get married until next year.

We had a very interesting thing happen to us this week. Our shower broke and we were unable to shower Sunday. And it just dumped rain like crazy - the size of golf balls.  So we had to walk in the rain and we got soaked. But the thing was we were so happy we just didn't even care. I think that comes from a knowledge of the gospel. It just makes you happy even when times aren't going very well. Don't worry the shower has been fixed.

Hopefully I will be able to stay here in Bridgend.

Miss you all and love you - Love Elder Doty

UPDATE on 8/12/14:  So I'm moving areas.  I'm going to a place called Sheldon.  It's in Birmingham. It should be a good area and I'm excited for this new chance I have to learn and grow.

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