Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 13th

My stomach is feeling better. I went and saw a doctor and talked with her. She was so nice and a good doctor. She just told me it's some kind of bug that is causing this and your body is just trying to get rid of it. I still can't really eat much. Toast is getting pretty boring haha.
No I haven't heard of  "Meet the Mormons". Wait was that a church thing about a missionary in Leeds England? if so I heard that kind of stunk and didn't really help the church that much.
I hope Allen and Malyssa can find a place. If not I'm fine with Allen's old room. I keep having dreams you guys sell my bed for a horse.... I'm doing just fine.
I had a interview with the mission president. It went well. We just spoke about going home. I wasn't trunky until that interview and well now I am just a little bit. He just spoke about home and girls the whole time. Turns out he was dear johned on his mission and told me a story about it. 
But things are going good. See you in a few weeks. Also im not going to do a group email anymore. too much work.  Love you mom!!

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