Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 15th

Hello family and friends!! I have been moved out of Boston to Worcester.  Worcester is a city so that means lots of people to talk to on the street. We live right on the high street so we don't have to walk very far to stop and talk to anyone.

The Worcester ward has had retarded missionaries serve here forever. Like I don’t mean to be mean, but some of the biggest retards have served here in Worcester so they didn't get a lot done. SO the ward doesn't really know what to do to help missionaries out. They feed us very well but that is about it.  They don’t come out to teach with us or anything.  You kinda have to do missionary work solo out here.  Evesham is right next to Worcester so I plan on making a few visits to see some old friends.  I’m looking forward to it.

My comp is Elder Nielsen from Idaho. He has been out 7 and a half months now. He has had a rough mission.  He had a few retard comps and has never done gq’ing (street talking) ever. SO I tried to get him to do it this week but no luck.  But I did find two girls from China.  We taught them but they live in the other Worcester elder’s area so we had to give them up. The names of the girls are Hedy and Looloo.

Worcester does have a ton of good looking girls. So what I do is go stand outside the ASDA and stop people.  I have found myself only stopping girls a lot. I just flirt a little bit and tell them I’m American and it seems to work. We trade numbers most of the time so it’s alot better here than it was in Boston. We have one investigator and I think we are going to drop her this week.  She just won’t read or pray... don't really know why.

Well I miss all of you I hope all is well and look forward to talking with the family on the 25!! Love you all, Love Elder Doty

Mission Friends

David was able to see a bunch of his missionary friends last Friday at a mission conference.
Elder Kramer

Elder Taylor and Elder Wiser

Elder Farley
Elder Bass
Sister Stapley

Elder Wilding

Monday, December 9, 2013


This week was a bit crazy. Fast forward to Thursday night - I get a call from the bishop and he tells me that Boston is flooded. No rain at all but high speed winds.  It was nuts. Webster and I went into downtown Boston and sure enough water is coming off the rivers like crazy and downtown as all flooded.  So we took pictures and then went back to our flat to find that we are 1 inch away from being flooded!!  Webster was freaking out haha it was really funny.  I phoned president and took care of it.  So no flood but our house and the one next to us were the only ones that didn’t get flooded on the whole Norfolk street.  How crazy is that!!  Blessings. But loads of houses were flooded.  But because I was sick Friday, Saturday and Sunday we couldn’t do a lot.
Saturday a member took us to Lincoln to see Europe’s biggest Christmas market!! So many people. I have never seen so many people in my life at one time. Sunday a few members pulled me aside and asked me if I was okay.  I said I was and then they asked me why it looks like I’m about to cry. I have just been having a hard time with my comp and the work not going how I want it to go.  But later that day Donna phoned us. She is out of the hostpital and wants to get baptized still.  She was upset with me when I moved it to Dec 20th instead of the 14th. So that was a blessing. We also today got a media referral from salt lake temple square. A couple in our area went to visit and so we are going to try and see them this week if I stay. 

Tonight we find out all the transfer news.  I wanna stay for the members because they are so good to me.  But i DO NOT want to stay with my comp. I don’t think I could handle another one like this with him even with Christmas coming up and Donnas baptism; I just couldn’t do it.  I have already told president in an email. But I just get this feeling I’m going to stay here in Boston. President told me when I first got sent out here that I was going to stay a "long time".  So I think I might stay and my comp will leave and I will get a new one.  If I stay here one more transfer I will be here in Boston for 6 months. 1/4 of my mission.  But I did that in Evesham. Well hope all is going good this magical season.

December 3rd

So my week didn’t really go as planned.  Up to Friday everything was going well.  Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday all went downhill. Donna was doing great.  We helped her out a lot and gave her a blessing.  Then Friday we go over and her son says she is seeing the doctor.  So Saturday I phone her twice but don’t get anything.  Sunday comes and she doesn’t come to church.  I go by her place twice and phone...nothing.  So Monday during zone P-day (which was a lot of fun because I was able to play basketball) I phone and get her daughter who says Donna is in the hospital and will be in for a few weeks. I don’ know what for or what hospital. So I sent her member friend to kinda go figure it out. I still don’t know a lot about what happened but I’m pretty upset about it.
It still doesn’t help that my companion won’t stop anyone and I have tried to help him out but I’m about to give up.  I’m praying I get moved out of Boston, or at least get a change of companion. The transfer ends in 8 days and the call to get moved come out in 6 days. So I just gotta hold on for that last little bit. But besides that a lot of the plans we had to find this person and do that didn’t really happen due to just bad luck.

The highlight was I stopped this lady from taking her names of the records of the church. It was a lost sheep.  I met with her and she wanted to have her name removed. I then had a chat with her about what would happen if she did.  I made small chat with her and walked away with her names still on the records of the church.  I don’t really know what I said but it worked!!  So I was happy about that.  That was maybe the only thing that went well this week.

 Hoping for a better week this week.  Love you all and miss you guys loads!!
 Love Elder Doty