Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 24th

This Friday I got a call from Elder Taylor to give me the best news ever!! The Goddards in Evesham are going to the temple to be sealed as a family on March 22!! Elder Taylor is going home next week but is coming back to go to their sealing...and to date a girl. But I was so happy when I heard that. The Goddard's got baptized my 3rd day in the mission and I was able to work with them after for 6 months until I left Evesham. President will be getting  a few phone calls from me asking if I can go to the London Temple with them, but he has never let anyone out of the mission for any reason. Except for going home and that stuff.

This week the weather hit a high of 11 degrees! And for England in the winter that's unreal.  So I spent a lot of time by the river talking to people. The floods are all gone now so it’s back to normal and not 45 feet higher than normal.

We met with a black guy named Jeffery and things went well and we plan to see him again this week. I changed how I stop people and things are going a lot better. I just look for 16-30 year olds and just stop them and have a chat with them and then mix in the gospel and it went very well this week.  We had a very good week.  We’re still trying to find that next person who is golden.

Rumor is Donna is still on track for the 1st of  March so I’m very happy about that.

Later today for district pday we are going to go hike up this way old tower so I will have photos of that later today when I get back from Evesham.
Miss you all and Love you all

When we got the district here sister brown was missing and the two other elders in Worcester couldn't make it due to not having money. So we ended up not going to the tower but we played games and stuff.  It was a fun day. 

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