Friday, June 20, 2014

June 9th

My family already knows this, but my sister Rachel had a baby girl this week. June 7th little baby Anberlyn came into the world. Very excited for her and for my family back home - miss you guys!!

This week just did loads of service for the members here. The weather has been getting better so we are getting better at our gardening skills.

This Sunday night we had a very powerful lesson with this less active family. I haven't had a lesson like that in a long time. We are trying to get them to quit smoking and the spirit was so strong they ended up pulling out all their smoking stuff, ripping them up and then burnt them all. I was in shock. They have come such a long way. I will try and get a photo with them this week

Not much really happened this week. I think the highlight was that lesson and becoming an uncle.
Miss you all and love you!

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