Monday, March 25, 2013

A Baptism and A Poem

Elder Dalton / Elder Doty
The missionaries came calling today,
They asked me to pause and think and pray,
With their querky accents and cheeky smiles,
 my worries disappeared for a while.

Our fleeting moment together, stood at my open door,
Made me want to understand and left me wanting more.
They asked me to read a special book
And learn all about the message it spread
they told me clearly to take a look
Jesus Truley wasn't dead!
The missionaries words were soothing and caring
Thier eyes shone wide with delight
I too could be part of this magic,
I too could walk in the light!
They call alot and I listen
To thier every word with care
They've taught me alot and I know now
I have no need to despair!
But now an elder is traveling
Back to another land,
Back to help others ro follow,learn and understand
He will hold a spcail place in my heart
As the one who showed me the way
And I pray that our paths may cross again
on another lonely day!

More March Madness

This week as very busy for Elder Dalton and I.  We had two exchanges this week.  One on Tuesday with Hereford. I stayed here with Elder Biesinger and we went home teaching with Andrew Goddard. He joined the church in December and he is a great man. He really cares about the people he home teaches. He is just awesome.
Wednesday we had district meeting which was district finding in downtown Worcester because they are having problems finding some new people to teach, so we gave them some help. After I went to Cheltenham with Elder Brewer. I feel so bad for the zone leaders. This week they had 2 people to be baptized on saturday (march 23) and both of them dropped and have made no contact with the elders. Both happened in two days time. I felt very sorry for them. Elder Dalton and I got back in Evesham on Thursday. We rode up to Bidford to teach Danny and see some other people.  We then had to ride back in the dark and pouring rain. I feared for my life. That hour and a half ride back was just one long prayer to be safe.
Friday Elder Dalton had to go to Birmingham for a meeting and I had to go to Gloucester with 2 other elders. We did some finding for about 5 hours and we found 12 people and 5 of them gave us return times to come back and teach them. It was just crazy pouring down rain and biking  and I was very wet.  But it was just alot of fun.  Two of us don't know the area at all. It was just madness that day. We got back to Evesham late so we didn't have anytime to work in Evesham.
Saturday we had Angie's baptism she was very happy.  We have pictures and I will send them. To tell the truth that was the highlight of the week. Angie is very happy and Elder Dalton and I are very happy. The branch president baptized her and Elder Dalton confirmed her on Sunday. So now we are back to finding new people and that's what this week is going to be all about. Lots of finding this week and we are going to have a bit of fun with elder Dalton only having two weeks left.There are some places in the area we want to go and see so we will be having a fun week. I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks you for all of your love and emails and letters. You guys are the freaking best.
Love David Doty

Monday, March 18, 2013


 David said in his letter this week that finding this black swam made his week! 

March 18, 2013

Elder Dalton and I have had a very good week.  We are being blessed for the hard work we are putting in which is always nice to see.

Monday night we went to the Barnes and had family home evening with them and Gary's parents, who are not members.  So that was pretty good. The Barnes are so nice to us.

Tuesday we had exchanges with Worcester. I was with Elder Durant in Worcester. We had a pretty good day and found some people that might be interested. Our plans kinda fell trhough but it happens. Crazy thing happened in Evesham. This lady named Juliet  joined the church a few years ago.  Her son called us up and we are now teaching him. His name is Danny he is 19 years old. It was just out of the blue so very exciting!

Wednesday we had district meeting and branch coucil. I think it was the first time we had a good branch council. We told them what we needed help with and then we left so we were only there for about 20 mins which is how it should also be.

Thursday we did some finding in the morning.  No one to really follow up with. However we did see a black swan. No joke highlight of my week. We took some pictures so we will send them to you guys. Later that night we had 3 lessons. One with a polish 17 year old named Chris. It went well we gave him a Book or Mormon and asked him to pray about it. Later we had Nigel. He really just questions everything.  We asked him to pray to know if its true. We really didn't even get an answer so we left kinda upset. Last we had Angie.  She is still doing well and she plans to be baptized on march 23. Very exciting stuff. She would be babtism #4 which is more than some people have had here on their whole mission. so I'm very greatful for that!! Her 11 year old daughter expressed to Angie that she would also like to be baptized. So we plan to teach her in the future.

Saturday we had another lesson with Danny.  It went well.  We then went to the Wildings to do some service but they were not home and we were in shorts so we hiked up this hill and waited for the bus. haha kinda sucked but it was alright. We then went to the church because the young women were doing a 12 hour study/read of the Book of Mormon so we talked with them about the Book of Mormon it then started to rain so we took dinner and did some area book work for the last hour of the day.

Sunday we had 4 investigators at church. It was very nice. We biked 17 miles. We went to dinner at the Barnes and did a rowing challenge that Gary has all the missionary's do 1000 meters as fast as you can. My time was bad but that freaking wipes you out. We then biked to Angie to talk to her. She had some issues but we fixed him. It was a very good day but so much for being Sunday being a "day of rest".

This next week is going to be crazy we have two exchanges and we have to go to Birmingham on Friday for some leadership meeting. We also have Angie getting baptised on Saturday so its going to be a very busy week for us, which is good I like busy weeks. But you see what I mean by the blessings we are getting. It's true what they say " you work hard and the lord will bless you."
So my camera is pretty much broken.  It got really wet and the lens can't focus on anything. I was thinking about buying a new one but when I take it home to the USA I can't plug it in. So mom if you want more pictures, then send me a camera. I know that might sound hard mom but it's the truth. I keep having elder Dalton take pictures for me and it's just getting old haha.
Thank you everyone for the prayers and emails you guys are the best!!
Love Elder Doty

Monday, March 11, 2013


 David and a few of the missionaries he serves with.

March Madness

Monday we had a good pday.  In Worcester got to meet the new Elder there.  

Tuesday it was so nice outside so we went up north and rode the bikes and stopped at little towns along the way and tracked it. We then had to help a member build a green house. Sounds like we are building the whole thing for her. It was just such a good day knocking doors in the sun and riding the bike.  Such a nice and good day.

Wednesday we had district meeting.  It was on planning. No one likes to talk about planning but it was alright.  We bounced a few good ideas off each other. We got a new Investigator his name is Chris.  He is 17 and from Poland.  He loves missionaries.  He was going to come to church but his mom wouldn't let him. Later that night we went to Angie's and had a good lesson with her. She accepted the date of march 23 to be baptized. I think she will make it.  We know we have lots of help with the branch which is something we were lacking last time.

Thursday it was raining the whole day - that Seattle mist kind of rain. We went out to a town called Honeybourne and found some people out there.  It was a pretty good day.

Friday it dumped rain so we tried to get some work in Evesham but no one would answer the door because of the rain. I was a very difficult day but was alright.

Saturday we met with a former investigator named Nigel.  He wants the church to be proven to him and well it doesn't work that way. So a few weeks ago I knocked on a door and it was kind of late and a man came out yelling at me and was spitting in my face a bit. Well we went back and met the mother. She opened up to us and told us some things that family is what we would say elect!! The dad just lost his father and is all torn up about that.  They are so ready we are going to meet with them maybe sometime this week.

Sunday we had to teach priesthood. maybe the hardest leeson ever. It was on becoming like God. A very hard thing to teach about for two young missionaries. Angie was at church which is always good. We had to give a blessing to the lady who we helped build her green house. After church we went to Rob's, the less active who we have been working with, because he hasn't been at church the last few weeks and so we talked with him. He is having us over for dinner this week and he is the best cook in the branch hands down.

Investigator update:

we really only have Angie she is out main focus right now we are working with a few other but she is the one we are really working with and trying to get her to be 100% ready for march 23.

Well thank you all for the emails love you all and miss you very much!!
Love Elder Doty


Well thank you all for the emails love you all and miss you very much!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Flat

These aren't the best photos, but it gives you an idea of what David's flat looks like. 
And... it's great seeing David in the kitchen doing the dishes!!

Another Transfer in Evesham

So last week we went to Pizza Hut and had a pizza eating contest with the Worcester Elders.With the 4 of us there we had 82 pieces of pizza. I lost the contest and then had to talk to two hot girls and give them a pass along card. That was So scary!! I think I'm just scared of girls.  I don't know but it was a funny moment.

Later that day we had dinner with some members who served a huge roast dinner. It was so hard to eat and the members were like, "Come on elders eat more." We didn't want to tell them we ate before. Hardest thing i have ever done. I was eating so much I could not even walk back to the flat.

Tuesday we went on exchange so I went to Hereford with Elder Biesinger.  We went by a few people. One of them was a less active member who is over coming heroine.  That was a very awkward meeting. We also had to give blessings to some sick people. I still have no idea what I'm doing in blessings. Next day we had district meeting in Worcester  It was good. It was on how to study effectively (preach my gospel chapter 2).
Thursday we did some finding but still haven't found anyone that's really solid.  To tell the truth we just need a car. The mission President is trying to get us one and we might get one soon. Friday we did more finding amd found a few people we are going to swing by and see if they really care or want to know more. Friday night we played soccer with the young men here in Evesham and in Cheltenham. I chipped some guy's tooth with my head. Oh well maybe he shouldn't get in my way. It was alot of fun to be able to run around and play. I'm very sore from it but it was alot of fun!!
Saturday more finding and knocking doors but not much luck. We also had a lesson with Angie that night. Angie wants to be baptized. We talked alot about it and she wants to. The only problem is she wants to give up smoking before she chooses a date. We also talked about priesthood blessing.   She asked if we could come by on Wednesday night to give her one and talk more about baptism. We think she will have a date picked out and then become a member. Also Saturday was transfers. I'm staying with Elder Dalton for one more transfer then he is going back home to Utah. We made a goal to have one more person join the church here in Evesham before he goes home. We have 5 weeks until he goes back home to Utah.

Well I'm glad to be in Evesham with Dalton for one more round. I'm doing what no missionary has ever done before... 3 transfers with Elder Dalton.