Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 21st - The Golden Child

Elder Nowak (it's said Novak) is here with us. He is from Poland.  I really like him.  I think we are going to teach a lot of Polish this week. I'm excited for it.  The only elder from Poland on a mission. Two other sisters are in the states. So it's a big deal to have him here. Our President said "He is the future of Poland in the church."  So... a little bit of pressure. He does go home in 9 weeks, but he is SO funny. I love the kid. He is 26 years old and a convert of 3 1/2 years.  He has a way strong testimony!
We have a member who is a insanity teacher so he took us out to the park and worked us. Oh my gosh I'm so sore! It felt good to work. He is going to get us on a week work out to help get in shape.  Elder Nowak goes home in 9 weeks so he just wants to get in shape and fit so when He goes home to Poland he can get married.
We have finally moved flats I like the new place. I can finally get some sleep and not have to look out the window and see a club.
We got antther single sister active in church now so I'm way happy about that. Things are going well here I just fear that I'm going to leave in 4 weeks time :( I hope I can stay!
Miss you all and hope everything is going well!!



July 16th

Today we are getting a missionary for a few days or a few weeks. He is from Poland and is 1 of 3 Polish missionaries in the whole world. I'm very excited about it!!

This week was a bit crazy moving flats still and seeing some dude beat up a girl and calling the cops on them. We saw a castle which I have some photos of them I will send to you all.

Hope you all are doing well.


July 7th

As some of you may know by now I'm staying in Bridgend for another 6 weeks! I'm very happy about it. Also Elder chantry is staying with me as well.

This week we have been very busy as we are moving flats. We are not moving more than 100 yards but it's still a pain to move everything. Also the flat was not cleaned. So we spent maybe 7 hours in all just cleaning the kitchen. It's just gross no other way to say it. But this week we should be moved in. It's a nice flat. The one we are in right now is a castle, but we have to move :(

We are seeing good things in the less actives we are working with.  They are coming to church and making some good progress.

Miss you all and hope you all are doing well.

Friday, July 4, 2014

June 30th - Dodge Night

Tonight is dodge night so we are going to find out if I'm staying here in wales or if I'm getting the move. I really hope I can stay here in Wales.  I'm loving it.

This week we did some painting of a member's house. I am really bad at painting. The whole pulling weeds thing I'm pretty good at but not painting. Also this week I had a dinner everyday which is so rare.

Sorry this email kinda sucks.  I just really wanna stay in Bridgend. I love this place. The members, the people everyone. I think I might cry if I leave.

Hope you all had a nice week,  Love Elder Doty
E-mail from the following day:
"Make that 6 months in Bridgend!!"
Yes that's right.  I'm staying in Bridgend another 6 weeks so that will be a total of 6 months in Bridgend!! I'm so pumped and Elder Chantry is staying as well!!


June 23rd - Service Week

This week we had a service project everyday.  It was great but I'm really sore. It went from painting to pulling weeds to pulling a wall down and moving rocks.  It was a lot of fun. It's so nice outside.

The other day I had a member we have been working with come up to Elder Chantry and I and say that we are the first Elders he can remember our names in 15 years because no one took the time to go out and visit them and work with them in their yard and show that we really cared. Due to this he has us teaching his grandson who I bet will be baptized in July time. If that worked it would be Bridgend's first baptism in a year.

England got knocked out of the World Cup. They have a sick obsession with Wayne Rooney. It's gross. I got a photo of the Metro. (That's the UK's largest free newspaper.) The cover and title says it all.

Hope all is well back home miss you and love you all,  Love, Elder Doty