Monday, January 13, 2014

January 6th - Malvern Hills

This week was alright  - just lots of finding and talking to people on the street.  That seems to be the story of every area here in England. The two Chinese girls I found 4 weeks ago keep coming to church and are on a date to be baptized on the 18th.  They have loads of friends so the elders I gave them to are just loving it. I was a bit bitter about it, but after thinking about it a lot we are all on the same time so if they get baptized it’s a win for the Worcester team.  
This week we got to go climb the Malvern hills with them. I will put a few pictures in of it. It is very pretty! We got an investigator going pretty slow who should come to church on Sunday so that should be good.  We are still finding and talking to people on the street which my comp is not really doing. He just stands there while I talk to people on the street. I have been giving him prep talks and everything but nothing works.

This is like the story of my mission.  My last 4 comps have never talked to people on the street here.  Out of the last 4 only one picked it up and did it. Thing is in England 60% of baptisms come from member referrals. 30% are from street contact, street preaching or whatever you wanna call it. We call it gq and the other 10 come from nonmember referrals and knocking doors.  So gqing is the way to do things here. Hope this week we can get things rolling even more.

Miss you all a lot and love you guys.  Love Elder Doty

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