Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 4th - "Pobudka"

Elder Nowak tends to talk in his sleep. Sometimes it's in Polish and sometimes in English. Saturday night he spoke in Polish and had an issue. He started to yell "Pobudka"!  He starts to yell this at night over and over. He then gets up and goes to Elder Chantry's bed and starts to shake it and still yelling Pobuka!  Elder Chantry wakes up kinda freaked and says "pobudka" back to him. Elder Nowak then stops and goes back to sleep. We then ask him what "Pobudka" means the next morning.  Turns out it means "get up". He claims he slept fine Saturday night.

In Cardiff this week we saw some dudes from Britain's "Got Talent" doing a signing Cd's tees and stuff. I have never so many 12-16 year old girls in my life. Turns out the two boys sing about anti- bulling and it's a major hit over here. The 12-16 girls are in love with them. I give it 2 years and no one will know them. Boy band one hit wonder.

We have done  alot of service and we have almost built a shed for someone. I will show you a picture next week.

Our workout crew that does the insanity with us in the morning. They are all members of the ward.

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