Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We Had a Freaking Baptism!

This week was just so great I can't even explain. It was like all the prayers in the last 3-4 weeks all got answered in just one week. Since the senior couple is gone we have to get around by bike, train and bus which just sucks.  But it’s life.  But we were always running behind time getting somewhere are we HAD to make a train at a right time or a bus at the right time and every time we just said a real fast prayer it always worked.  The bus came early or the train was running a few minutes behind or something always happened so it worked out for us. We saw Elaine and as you can tell by now we had a baptism. She was so pumped for it. She had the biggest smile on her face and she was crying and everything.  It was SO good. It was Elder Bills first baptism in the mission and he was so happy about that. The ward really stepped up and welcomed her and were all so nice to her. Everything just worked out perfect. If only every week could be like that.. But then I guess weeks like this wouldn't be as great then.  

The Senior couple came down from Preston to see her baptism They were so happy; everyone was just so happy. This was the first baptism Boston has had since February of 2013.  So the ward just way pumped. Well everyone was pumped. It was such a good way to end the transfer. We get the call tonight and I think it is fair to say Elder Bills will be leaving Boston. He has been here for 6 months now and it’s his first area. I'm pretty sure I'm staying here. It’s going to be hard now because we now have 0 investigators. We have to start from step one....find someone to teach. I hope my new comp is ready to do loads of finding in the rain. We are having a huge storm right now so the winter is coming into England now.

With the baptism of Elaine I had some time to reflect on my own baptism while I have been here and I thought about each person and how they are a child of God and how happy he is for them. I texted the elders in my past areas and asked how they are all doing.  So here is a little update on them.

  The Goddard family is doing way good they are making plans to go to the temple to be sealed this coming December.

Angie is still having a really hard time and missionaries can’t get into to see her and she is really stressed.  I wrote her a letter trying to help her out.

Festus has gone a big off the rails and missionaries can’t get a hold of him and he keeps flogging. Don't really know what’s up

Marcus and Susan are doing really good.  They come to church every Sunday and are loving it.

 I hope I can stay in touch with all of them.  They are great people and I loved getting to know them and work with them.

Sister Teague is SO nice.  She loves elder Bills and I.  We spent all Sunday there.  We did pumpkins and played on the trampoline with the whole family it was SO much fun. I felt like a kid again. I needed it.  Thanks Teague family!!

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