Monday, October 21, 2013

Benbow Farm and Gadfield Elm Chapel

This is what my mission president said about the places we visited on Friday:

A special mission event will be held during October at Gadfield Elm Chapel and Benbow Farm. These historically significant places will be our privilege to see, experience and remember together.

The Gadfield Elm Chapel near the village of Pendock in Worcestershire, England, is the oldest existing chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The structure was built in 1836 as a religious meetinghouse by the United Brethren, a group of breakaway Methodists led by Thomas Knighton and John Benbow. In 1840, Elder Wilford Woodruff of the Quorum of the Twelve preached among the United Brethren; ultimately all but one of the 600 members of the United Brethren were converted. After the conversions, the structure was deeded to the Church by Thomas Knighton and John Benbow. Three prophets have spoken in Gadfield Elm Chapel.

At Benbow Farm, Elder Wilford Woodruff first began to preach the restored gospel in Southwest England and at the farm’s pond he baptized many of the United Brethren group, including John and Jane Benbow. These new converts immigrated to America where they made significant contributions to the Church.

Following our trip to Gadfield Elm Chapel and Benbow Farm, we will travel to Gloucester Chapel for lunch and a group activity. It will be a glorious and inspiring time. Sister Rasmussen and I are looking forward to being with each of you. Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord.

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