Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21

This has been a great week and Elder Bills and I have great news. Our one and only investigator Elaine is going to be baptized this Saturday the 26!! We are so happy!! So let me take you through the week.

Tuesday we tried to see Elaine but the senior couple’s car broke down so we couldn't make it to see her. The senior couple was SO sad because we all felt like that was the lesson where she was going to set a baptism date. So we spent that whole day dealing with car issues.

Wednesday we had Zone meeting so we had to train to Nottingham then I went on exchange with Elder Higham.  He is a cool guy and a hard worker. Elder Bills and Elder Human went to see Elaine and after they called us saying they have great news!!! Elder Bills said all he did was tell her she is ready and will she be baptized. She said yes and what do I need to do to be ready. Sounds like it was really easy.  Elder Bills was SO happy as this will be his first baptism on his mission and he has been working with Elaine for 6 months now. 

Thursday I was still in Lincoln with elder Higham and we had so many lessons.  Lots of Chinese people so it’s like teaching a child because they don't really know who god is or what is a god. After playing train hopper to get back to Boston with elder Bills we figured everything out for the baptism.  Setting up a baptism is so stressful!!

Friday we got to go with a large bit of the mission to Benbow Farm and Gadfield Elm Chapel. The farm is where what’s his face taught 600 people and baptized like 599 of them.  I got a picture of it. And the chapel is the Church's oldest chapel on earth, so i got a picture of that as well.
Saturday we did a mini swap so elder Higham, the district leader, could go up to Boston to interview Elaine and she passed, so she is all good to go for the 26!! And I was in Lincoln with elder Human and we did more teaching. They teach so much in Lincoln. It’s nice with lots of Chinese people.

Sunday was great.  We had church and Elaine came and the ward is so pumped for her. This is the first baptism since like April time for Boston so they are all way happy. Also we got to teach youth. It was so much fun.  Elder bills and I just made up a lesson. We just talk about commandments and how they bless us.  It was a lot of fun. Then we went to a less active’s house for dinner and it was a really good full grown roast dinner. SO good. Also I fell off my bike in the mud... my ego and pride are hurt a bit. Elder Bills got a photo of me after I got up.  Haha… it was really funny.
All in all this has been such a good week We said goodbye to the senior couple but they are coming back for the baptism this Saturday. All the crap that has happened the last few weeks with the death of grandpa and going to to the hospital just doesn't matter anymore I'm so happy. The Lord has been so good to Elder Bills and me. Transfer is on the 30th so Elder Bills’s time in Boston is just about up. Sad to see him go but I'm happy he is going with a baptism!

Love you all so much I am so grateful for the prayers you have sent our way.

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