Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 4th

This week was just very long. Elder Bills left and went to a place called Stamford, which is like 30 miles south of Boston.   So he didn't go very far.

My new comp is Elder Webster. He is from Las Vegas just east of the strip by the temple. He is very, very nice and has a heart of gold. He is very shy and doesn’t like to talk much. Sometimes it feels like I'm pulling teeth. But he is very happy to be here in Boston. I met him when he was first in the mission. He was in Coventry the same times I was.

The finding effort is a bit odd.  We go to talk to people and get nothing, but when I am just walking in the farmer’s market a former stops us named Gary and he asks for our number and wants to see us this week.  Pretty cool stuff. Also the bishop met with a former who had loads of anti Mormon questions.  And the bishop called us and said he is coming with us to see the former.  His name is Ashly.  His wife is a member but doesn't come because she doesn't feel it’s right to go without her husband.  So 2 birds with one stone??  I think so.

The members are having us over almost every night this week to feed us So I'm very happy about that because it’s starting to get very, very cold at night and the wind comes right off the coast and gets VERY cold and the thing is it’s not even the heart of winter. But I’m working on getting my driver’s license. I think I’m ready to leave Boston and go back to a city. I figure the only way to get out of Boston is to go zone leader and go back to a city because I really wanna go back to a city. Like Nottingham or even Coventry. I had such a short time in the city I just wanna go back. I told president I wanted to go to a city. He just didn't say anything back but he really never emails me back, haha.  He is just busy.  He has like 280 missionaries to look after.

Love you all so much and miss you!!  Love Elder Doty 

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