Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1st

On Tuesday we had zone meeting and interviews so I had a nice chat with President Rasmussen  He said he feels like I will be staying in Evesham for a while. He said I will be taking over the area once Elder Dalton leaves and then I will have to "step up" which means I'm going to have to train.  In the next 4-5 months we are getting like 90 new missionaies so that means we are going to need some people to train them and I have a feeling I might be one of them.  After zone meeting I went on exchange with elder Mucke the german.  He goes home in 8 days so he is pretty much done with his mission. We went to the forest of dean. They filmed some of Harry Potter there.
Wednesday we have to help this family move. The wife just had a baby and the dad was sick. So elder Dalton and I had to pack everything and then move it all into the truck/van. Lets jsut say it sucked alot. So we did that wesdesday and Thursday and we didn't get alot of missionary work done and we were just wiped out because of it. We did get to play some basketball Thursday night which was just awesome!!

Friday we had to bike like 7 miles out to this place to see someone and he flogged us. We were so mad so we biked back and stopped in a few places along the way.  When we got back we just did weekly planning and that was the rest of the day.  It was upsetting that the dude flogged us.

Saturday morning we got a text from the church saying that this guy named Zach wanted a visit from us. So we went out to Tewkesbury to see him. He is a 19 year old guy who saw the Book of Mormon musical and wanted a Book of Mormon and wants to learn more about it. It was pretty cool.  I think we will get alot more people like that who just wanna know what's up with this whole mormon thing.

Sunday was Easter.  We had church and elder Dalton spoke.  It was very good. We then went to a member's house with a few other people for an Easter dinner. They do something called hot cross buns. It's really like a roll with a cross on it. It's something they do here in England. And now I'm at Rob's house emailing because the library is closed. We are going to go play some basketball later today because its finally nice outside.  We had some snow a few days ago but when were helping those people move so we didn't have to deal with it. Elder Dalton has 8 more days till he goes home and he is hating it because he doesn't wanna go home. Well we were not able to see many people this week as alot of people were out of town such as angie and her daugter. Danny has been acting up so we might see him this week. Well thank you all so much - you guys are the best!!

Love Elder Doty

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