Monday, March 25, 2013

A Baptism and A Poem

Elder Dalton / Elder Doty
The missionaries came calling today,
They asked me to pause and think and pray,
With their querky accents and cheeky smiles,
 my worries disappeared for a while.

Our fleeting moment together, stood at my open door,
Made me want to understand and left me wanting more.
They asked me to read a special book
And learn all about the message it spread
they told me clearly to take a look
Jesus Truley wasn't dead!
The missionaries words were soothing and caring
Thier eyes shone wide with delight
I too could be part of this magic,
I too could walk in the light!
They call alot and I listen
To thier every word with care
They've taught me alot and I know now
I have no need to despair!
But now an elder is traveling
Back to another land,
Back to help others ro follow,learn and understand
He will hold a spcail place in my heart
As the one who showed me the way
And I pray that our paths may cross again
on another lonely day!

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