Monday, April 22, 2013

Five Month Mark

Hello family and friends. Today is my 5 month mark. It;s crazy how fast time has gone by. Also thank you all for the prayer that came my way this week. I cannot express how thankful I am for them. They really had a effect on my week.

Monday we had pday and then we went to a member's house for family home evening.  We planted sunflower seeds.I don't know why because they aren't going to grow in the country. But they did give us a referral.

Tuesday we biked around a bit. Our Branch President gave us a list of 101 less active people to go see so we did alot of that on Tuesday. We found a family that we are going to start working with. The dad is not a member but he likes us so we are going to start going over once maybe twice a week.

Wednesday we had Elder Webber's very first district meeting.  He did not really know what to do but I helped him out alot and I taught a bit of it. I talked about being patient. which is something that I have been working on my whole mission. After we had dinner at a member's house and went by some more less actives.

Thursday we went out to Honeybourne. I hate that place. I swear it has a dark cloud around it and just rains all the time. Once you're outside of the town it's sunny and nice. But we are teaching someone up there now so we are going to have to go back :(  Also we went to the branch seminary that night. It brought back good times of me being a clown in the back of class. The teachers did a good job.

Friday we had weekly planning that went a bit long because we are planning where the less actives are and how we can best use our time doing the next week. After we did some work around Evesham and went by a few less actives...again.

Saturday we had sport with the young men. Boy am I out of shape.  I'm still sore from it. We also went to Tewkesbury and saw a few people. We got a new investigator,  Zak. He saw The Book of Mormon musical and wants to know more about the mormons. We also had a branch activity a member brought some nonmemeber friends, but they live outside of the area (dang).

Sunday we had to teach priesthood. That as a mess but glad it's over. We then went to dinner with a member family and thenwe had to go to the Wildings and give them a blessing. Howard who is not a member asked for one. I was shocked because I never thought he would ever ask for one. But he is really sick. Still it was a blessing and an answer to many prayers.

This was a good week and I hope we have many more like them. We were very busy with not a dull moment and that's how I like it. Thank you once again for the many prayers and emails.
Love Elder Doty

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