Monday, April 8, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Elder Dalton

Well the time has come for Elder Dalton to go back home. I have spent 4 mouths waking up to see his face and it will be sad to see him leave me. So I will be staying in Evesham and getting a new companion. I don't know his name or who he is but I will find out tonight.

This week was alot of saying goodbye to members.  Let me take you though it

Tuesday we rode out to Honeybourne and on the way back I got a flat tire and we had to walk the 4 miles back to Evesham So that kinda messed up our plans for the day but it was very nice so we didnt mind the walk too bad.

Wednesday we had to cancel distrist meeting due to some train issues.  So we fixed the bike tire, got back to the flat and found I had another flat.  So we spent from 10-4 fixing my bike. That wasn't alot of fun and cost me a a great deal of money. We later went out and said goodbye to a few former investigators that Elder Dalton had worked with.

Thursday we biked up to Bidford. It was all up hill and windy and it snowed for part of it. We said goodbye to more people on the way up. On the way back the wind was so strong that we didn't need to pedal and the wind took us two miles without pedaling which was very nice. We saw the Johnsons.  They were pulling a trailer house with a jeep like the old one grandpa used to have and they then ripped the whole front of the trailer off.  It was so funny but the man was so mad I thought he was going to come after us.  So we left and went to the flat and a senior couple that elder Dalton worked with took us out for dinner.  We went to some pub and it was a very nice meal.

Friday we went out to Broadway to do some tracking but once we started we got a call from members in the branch that wanted to feed us.  So we cancelled our plans and biked to their house. In the total we biked 25 miles in about 3 hours of time. We didnt have a problem sleeping that night.

Saturday we went to the Wildings and did some service for them and they went to General Conference.

Sunday we spent the whole day in Cheltenham watching General conference. I have seen all of saturday but none of sunday. We then left during the sunday morning and went to the Goddards to say goodbye to them and another family. It was a very sad time and it hit both elder Dalton and I Sunday night that he really is going home.

Today we will say goodbye to Angie and we are going over to a mebers house for FHE and dinner. I will find out who my new compainon is then. Tuesday we are traveling to Kiddiminster so elder Dalton can meet up with another missionary who is going home.  I will stay with Elder cc (?) for the night then meet up with the new guy on Wednesday and head back to Evesham and get back to work. It has been a great time being with elder Dalton and I'm sad to see him go. I will miss him dearly.

Well thanks everyone for the prayers and help I love you all and miss you all very much!!
Love Elder Doty

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