Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29th

This was a busy week but that's great. I love busy weeks - they are just the best. We had a few interesting things happen this week.  Let me tell you about them.

Monday we had P-day.  It was sweet.  We then went to the stake patriarch's house to do some service for him. But I didn't even do anything.  I just watched as he and Elder Webber did it as I just talked to his wife and got a free meal out of it. So it was pretty sweet.

Tuesday we had Zone meeting so it took us 4 hours to bus and train to the meeting, sit in a pointless meeting for 2 hours, then take 4 hours to bus and train back. Sorry I just hate meetings we have them all the time and I think they are just a waste of time. Some are good and some are just a waste of time. So we didn't get back to Evesham until 7 pm so that was pretty much our whole day.

Wednesday we went to Worcester to do a work over. They are having problems finding people so we came over for the day to help them. I got into two fights with people. Not like me, but when people say the right thing boy do I snap. One lady said that I was wasting my time and my "leader is a child raper".  I had a good talking with her as she yelled at me. And then 1 hour later I got into a fight with a drunk man saying "Show me we have a god." That was pretty good as well. People just don't listen to me like I can explain why they think that way, but they just won't stop to listen.

Thursday we did some service where I got a firm talking to by a lady in the ward about my purpose as a missionary is not to fight with people about the church. I told her they started it. After that we went out to Pershore and I have never been there and we had a few people to see.  But I had no idea where I was going.  Only one was home so that was a bit upsetting. We then went to seminary and young women's activity. They cooked us a meal it was pretty good. A nice way to settle down after a busy day. I could get used to coming home and having a girl cook for me  ;)

Friday was mixed highs and lows. We went out to see some people and they weren't home. Then get this... a Jehovah's Witness pulls up and "wants to have a chat with us".  He pretty much said we should be JW. I didn't say anything.  Elder Webber took it and we left after 40 mins of talking to him in the rain feeling upset. We then walked in the hail to meet with this investigator. We stop under a tree and say a prayer because we were both so upset. So we pray and go into our investigator's place and we had a great lesson. Could not have gone better. We left feeling so good it was amazing!! Then we go into a store called Morrisons to get some food because it's like 3 and we hadn't had lunch yet. I see this VERY VERY pretty girl and I walk past her stop and turn to go talk to her - you know flirt to join. As I turn I see her locked lips with his boy. I could not believe it.  I was so gutted. Oh well. Once we got back to Evesham we went and played basketball at a park and a few kids came and played with us. They asked us what we are and we got to tell them we are missionaries. It was fun to talk and play basketball with kids.

Saturday we had the stake soccer tournament. They get so into it - yelling, pushing and all kinds of stuff. Oh boy did I love it!! We took last place but it was so much fun.  I did America proud.  We then got back to Evesham and we crashed for a bit and ate some food and then went out to see some less actives.  We ran into the kids we played basketball with we talked with them again and kicked a ball around it was fun.

Sunday church was very good.  It was all about trials which we all face. We then went to dinner at a member's house. Their son just got his call and he is going to Poland so they are all about missionary work right now so we are working with them.  

It was over all a very good week lots of fun and I enjoyed it. Thank you all for the emails and letters.
Love Elder Doty

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