Monday, April 15, 2013

Goodbye Elder Dalton

The time has come and Elder Dalton (Luke) has gone home.  It was very sad to see him go. But I knew the time would come, it just came a bit faster than I thought it would.

Monday night we got back from a branch party to say goodbye to Elder Dalton.  It was fun to see people and say goodbyes and give gifts and stuff. We got back to the flat and it didn't feel like he was going home.  It just felt like we were going out to do another week of work.

Tuesday we had to travel to Kidderminster where Dalton hooked up with another Elder who was going home and they departed via train to the mission home. Elder Dalton did not want to go on that train it was very sad to see him go. After he left Elder Seacy and I did some work in Kidderminster. We both were just sad to see our companions go.

Wednesday Elder Seacy and I traveld to the mission home where we picked up our new compainions. Mine is Elder Webber.  He is from New Zealand and has been out a bit over a year. He is pretty chill. We then had to travel all the way back to Evesham but due to some rules we had to take a bus to some place then catch two trains back to Evesham. And that cost me alot of money because Elder Webber had lost his wallet. So I now have 4 pounds for the rest of the month. Later that night we had branch council and then went back to unpack.

Thursday we needed to shop and get some food because we hadn't done that all week. After that we went by some members and got Elder Webber to know some of the members.

Friday we had planning most of the day getting him on the same page. We later went out to Badsey to see Angie.  She is doing alright. We then went by a few less actives at night.

Saturday we had a meeting with the branch president.  He gave of a list of 101 less active people in the branch that he wants us to go find or to go teach/visit. So we will be busy the next few weeks biking out to places and seeing people. I also found out that we have 59 active people in the branch. We need 80 people active to build a chapel.

Sunday was fast sunday.  We got the whole branch to see Elder Webber and they all want us over for dinner so that is nice. We later biked to the Barnes for dinner and then we biked to Angies and had a lesson with her. We have plans to start teaching her 10 year old girl this up coming week so hopefully that will all go well.

Well I miss you all very much I hope and pray that everyone is dong alright.
Love Elder Doty

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