Monday, March 11, 2013

March Madness

Monday we had a good pday.  In Worcester got to meet the new Elder there.  

Tuesday it was so nice outside so we went up north and rode the bikes and stopped at little towns along the way and tracked it. We then had to help a member build a green house. Sounds like we are building the whole thing for her. It was just such a good day knocking doors in the sun and riding the bike.  Such a nice and good day.

Wednesday we had district meeting.  It was on planning. No one likes to talk about planning but it was alright.  We bounced a few good ideas off each other. We got a new Investigator his name is Chris.  He is 17 and from Poland.  He loves missionaries.  He was going to come to church but his mom wouldn't let him. Later that night we went to Angie's and had a good lesson with her. She accepted the date of march 23 to be baptized. I think she will make it.  We know we have lots of help with the branch which is something we were lacking last time.

Thursday it was raining the whole day - that Seattle mist kind of rain. We went out to a town called Honeybourne and found some people out there.  It was a pretty good day.

Friday it dumped rain so we tried to get some work in Evesham but no one would answer the door because of the rain. I was a very difficult day but was alright.

Saturday we met with a former investigator named Nigel.  He wants the church to be proven to him and well it doesn't work that way. So a few weeks ago I knocked on a door and it was kind of late and a man came out yelling at me and was spitting in my face a bit. Well we went back and met the mother. She opened up to us and told us some things that family is what we would say elect!! The dad just lost his father and is all torn up about that.  They are so ready we are going to meet with them maybe sometime this week.

Sunday we had to teach priesthood. maybe the hardest leeson ever. It was on becoming like God. A very hard thing to teach about for two young missionaries. Angie was at church which is always good. We had to give a blessing to the lady who we helped build her green house. After church we went to Rob's, the less active who we have been working with, because he hasn't been at church the last few weeks and so we talked with him. He is having us over for dinner this week and he is the best cook in the branch hands down.

Investigator update:

we really only have Angie she is out main focus right now we are working with a few other but she is the one we are really working with and trying to get her to be 100% ready for march 23.

Well thank you all for the emails love you all and miss you very much!!
Love Elder Doty


Well thank you all for the emails love you all and miss you very much!!

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