Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Elder Dalton and I have had a very good week.  We are being blessed for the hard work we are putting in which is always nice to see.

Monday night we went to the Barnes and had family home evening with them and Gary's parents, who are not members.  So that was pretty good. The Barnes are so nice to us.

Tuesday we had exchanges with Worcester. I was with Elder Durant in Worcester. We had a pretty good day and found some people that might be interested. Our plans kinda fell trhough but it happens. Crazy thing happened in Evesham. This lady named Juliet  joined the church a few years ago.  Her son called us up and we are now teaching him. His name is Danny he is 19 years old. It was just out of the blue so very exciting!

Wednesday we had district meeting and branch coucil. I think it was the first time we had a good branch council. We told them what we needed help with and then we left so we were only there for about 20 mins which is how it should also be.

Thursday we did some finding in the morning.  No one to really follow up with. However we did see a black swan. No joke highlight of my week. We took some pictures so we will send them to you guys. Later that night we had 3 lessons. One with a polish 17 year old named Chris. It went well we gave him a Book or Mormon and asked him to pray about it. Later we had Nigel. He really just questions everything.  We asked him to pray to know if its true. We really didn't even get an answer so we left kinda upset. Last we had Angie.  She is still doing well and she plans to be baptized on march 23. Very exciting stuff. She would be babtism #4 which is more than some people have had here on their whole mission. so I'm very greatful for that!! Her 11 year old daughter expressed to Angie that she would also like to be baptized. So we plan to teach her in the future.

Saturday we had another lesson with Danny.  It went well.  We then went to the Wildings to do some service but they were not home and we were in shorts so we hiked up this hill and waited for the bus. haha kinda sucked but it was alright. We then went to the church because the young women were doing a 12 hour study/read of the Book of Mormon so we talked with them about the Book of Mormon it then started to rain so we took dinner and did some area book work for the last hour of the day.

Sunday we had 4 investigators at church. It was very nice. We biked 17 miles. We went to dinner at the Barnes and did a rowing challenge that Gary has all the missionary's do 1000 meters as fast as you can. My time was bad but that freaking wipes you out. We then biked to Angie to talk to her. She had some issues but we fixed him. It was a very good day but so much for being Sunday being a "day of rest".

This next week is going to be crazy we have two exchanges and we have to go to Birmingham on Friday for some leadership meeting. We also have Angie getting baptised on Saturday so its going to be a very busy week for us, which is good I like busy weeks. But you see what I mean by the blessings we are getting. It's true what they say " you work hard and the lord will bless you."
So my camera is pretty much broken.  It got really wet and the lens can't focus on anything. I was thinking about buying a new one but when I take it home to the USA I can't plug it in. So mom if you want more pictures, then send me a camera. I know that might sound hard mom but it's the truth. I keep having elder Dalton take pictures for me and it's just getting old haha.
Thank you everyone for the prayers and emails you guys are the best!!
Love Elder Doty

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