Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Transfer in Evesham

So last week we went to Pizza Hut and had a pizza eating contest with the Worcester Elders.With the 4 of us there we had 82 pieces of pizza. I lost the contest and then had to talk to two hot girls and give them a pass along card. That was So scary!! I think I'm just scared of girls.  I don't know but it was a funny moment.

Later that day we had dinner with some members who served a huge roast dinner. It was so hard to eat and the members were like, "Come on elders eat more." We didn't want to tell them we ate before. Hardest thing i have ever done. I was eating so much I could not even walk back to the flat.

Tuesday we went on exchange so I went to Hereford with Elder Biesinger.  We went by a few people. One of them was a less active member who is over coming heroine.  That was a very awkward meeting. We also had to give blessings to some sick people. I still have no idea what I'm doing in blessings. Next day we had district meeting in Worcester  It was good. It was on how to study effectively (preach my gospel chapter 2).
Thursday we did some finding but still haven't found anyone that's really solid.  To tell the truth we just need a car. The mission President is trying to get us one and we might get one soon. Friday we did more finding amd found a few people we are going to swing by and see if they really care or want to know more. Friday night we played soccer with the young men here in Evesham and in Cheltenham. I chipped some guy's tooth with my head. Oh well maybe he shouldn't get in my way. It was alot of fun to be able to run around and play. I'm very sore from it but it was alot of fun!!
Saturday more finding and knocking doors but not much luck. We also had a lesson with Angie that night. Angie wants to be baptized. We talked alot about it and she wants to. The only problem is she wants to give up smoking before she chooses a date. We also talked about priesthood blessing.   She asked if we could come by on Wednesday night to give her one and talk more about baptism. We think she will have a date picked out and then become a member. Also Saturday was transfers. I'm staying with Elder Dalton for one more transfer then he is going back home to Utah. We made a goal to have one more person join the church here in Evesham before he goes home. We have 5 weeks until he goes back home to Utah.

Well I'm glad to be in Evesham with Dalton for one more round. I'm doing what no missionary has ever done before... 3 transfers with Elder Dalton.


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