Monday, March 25, 2013

More March Madness

This week as very busy for Elder Dalton and I.  We had two exchanges this week.  One on Tuesday with Hereford. I stayed here with Elder Biesinger and we went home teaching with Andrew Goddard. He joined the church in December and he is a great man. He really cares about the people he home teaches. He is just awesome.
Wednesday we had district meeting which was district finding in downtown Worcester because they are having problems finding some new people to teach, so we gave them some help. After I went to Cheltenham with Elder Brewer. I feel so bad for the zone leaders. This week they had 2 people to be baptized on saturday (march 23) and both of them dropped and have made no contact with the elders. Both happened in two days time. I felt very sorry for them. Elder Dalton and I got back in Evesham on Thursday. We rode up to Bidford to teach Danny and see some other people.  We then had to ride back in the dark and pouring rain. I feared for my life. That hour and a half ride back was just one long prayer to be safe.
Friday Elder Dalton had to go to Birmingham for a meeting and I had to go to Gloucester with 2 other elders. We did some finding for about 5 hours and we found 12 people and 5 of them gave us return times to come back and teach them. It was just crazy pouring down rain and biking  and I was very wet.  But it was just alot of fun.  Two of us don't know the area at all. It was just madness that day. We got back to Evesham late so we didn't have anytime to work in Evesham.
Saturday we had Angie's baptism she was very happy.  We have pictures and I will send them. To tell the truth that was the highlight of the week. Angie is very happy and Elder Dalton and I are very happy. The branch president baptized her and Elder Dalton confirmed her on Sunday. So now we are back to finding new people and that's what this week is going to be all about. Lots of finding this week and we are going to have a bit of fun with elder Dalton only having two weeks left.There are some places in the area we want to go and see so we will be having a fun week. I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks you for all of your love and emails and letters. You guys are the freaking best.
Love David Doty

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