Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve & Flooding

E-mail from David:  "For new years eve all missionaries have to be in the flat at 6pm. It's a mission rule. I think it's because like everyone will just be drinking like crazy.

We had a rough week. I was sick for a bit. No investigators want to see us because it's Christmas week.  But we did pick up 2 new investigators and we had 4 at church!! So it was alright.  Everyone in the mission is pretty much sick, so the ill bug is going around here.

The only thing cool is we have been having lots of storms."

I found a news article from the "Evesham Journal" that talks about the flooding.  Kind of interesting...

Floods hit Evesham over festive period

A VERY wet and rainy Christmas is forecast across the Vale this year as flood warnings are put in place for the festive period.
The river Avon in Evesham is due to peak for a second time on Christmas Day at around 3.2 metres after reaching a high of 3.17 on Sunday.
Today the Environment Agency confirmed the flood warning for the river would remain in place over the Christmas period.
A number of roads around the district have been closed today including the B4035 Waterside in Evesham, which was shut at around 11.30am, after only a few hours of being re-opened. Farm Lane in South Littleton and East side in North Littleton are also closed.
Ronald Briggs, chairman of the 23 to 34 Waterside Evesham Flood Defence Trust, said: “The Crown Meadow is flooded, it is like one big lake. We have put the defences up. It is about three metres above normal river level at the moment.”

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