Monday, January 28, 2013

End of January

David goes to the public library to use the computer there.  Here is today's e-mail from him:
"okay some old man just came up to me. I'm kinda creeped out.  He was talking about Romney  and he smelled bad but anyways...


This week was a very hard week. The snow is finally gone now but now that means lots of rain. Thursday I was not feeling well at all so we went out and then had to come back to the flat because I just couldn't do it. Then I slept for 5 hours so I was feeling a bit better. I am still on some drugs but no worries about that. Friday we found a few potential investigators and I feel like one might be very good. Her name is Kelly (we might be talking about her later). Saturday was SO bad. Started with a flat tire like 30 seconds into the day and then people that we had planned to meet with didn't show up so then we had backup plans to see people and that didn't work and everyone that we went by to see was gone or didn't want to see us. Just a very hard day for both elder dalton and I.

Sunday they called a new branch president and some priesthood are moving out. So we have no idea who the ward mission leader is now but I'm sure they will call one later. Only Brain came to church. and all he does is come to church. He is an old guy who doesn't really want to see us but comes to church. I don't understand it either. Besides that nothing else happened from Wednesday to now. Oh Angie said that she has prayed about baptism and she feels very good about it. So we should have a date with her next week. Other investigators are still meeting with us every now and then taking it slow. We need to find some more people to teach, but that will take care of it self. Well I miss you all alot and hope you all are doing well.

Love Elder Doty

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