Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Late Letter

David's regular Monday e-mail did not come on Monday or Tuesday.  I began to worry...  Finally on Wednesday we heard from him:
"Sorry about not getting to email on Monday as it is transfer week and they moved P-day to Wednesday.

 So for the last few days we have been busy teaching alot of people. We still need alot more to teach so also alot of finding. Not sure if any are going to come to church or join but we have to follow up with a few.  Also we have been having alot of snow here in Evesham. and when that happens like the whole town shuts down. We can't bike and no one wants to see us so the snow really just sucks. We don't really like all. So as I said it was transfers week and no big changes. Elder Dalton and I are staying here in Evesham.  Only two investigators at church which isn't our best but we keep trying.

Andrew: so he is Angies ex husband. We get a call monday night from Angie saying we need to go swing by because he said he is going to kill himself. oh boy... so we go over see him. He was fine and we have started teaching him. And we saw him about 3 times last week so he is doing well. Another guy that is going to take his time. But he came to church so maybe we can get something.

Angie keeps coming to church 5 times in a row now. We asked her about being baptized. She says she needs some time. I figure by this week we will have a date.

Paul: he dropped us the other day. He doesn't see how Joseph Smith can be called of God. We might go see him in a month or so but he doesn't think that Joseph Smith is real or that he saw God the Father and Jesus. So if he can't get over that problem we can't really move forward. He also won't read the Book of Mormon.. so we/he dropped.

Gavin: oh man Gavin haha he is making big steps. We are going to really try and get him to church this sunday. He is doing  just 1 beer a day. Smoking on the other hand is a differernt problem. He is really doing well. He reads the book of mormon everyday. He hides it from his girlfriend. and he prays every 30 mins. He is so funny. But he is doing alot better.

That's really everyone we are seeing. we see others here and there but they are the main ones. We really need to find more people. But we can't get anywhere because of the snow. So the snow really needs to just melt.

I am doing alright thank you all for everything. I miss you all and love you all so much.

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