Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day

We got to Skype with David on Christmas morning!!  Best Christmas gift ever!!!! 
He and his companion had dinner with a part member family.  They had a big turkey dinner.  Before dessert we talked with David.  He looks and sounds great!  No British accent yet.  :-)
The family he was with had a little girl who sang us 2 Christmas songs via Skype.  She was darling and the British accents were awesome!

David and his companion are on bikes.  They live in an apartment in the town of Hamilton.  Most of their dinners are at members homes.  His companion, Elder Dalton, has saved his life several times already at the round-abouts.  Apparently they are much larger there with stop lights and all.  David has tried to go at the wrong time and his companion has stopped him.  I asked David to please be careful!

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