Monday, January 7, 2013

Part of David's e-mail home:  He's talking about one of his investigators... "Angie. My girl.  No really. But she is doing so well. She has been to church 3 weeks in a row. Elder dalton and the other elder who was on exchange went to see her. On Sunday we had a lesson on the word of wisdom. So when they went to see her she said she had started living it!! Elder Dalton said the lesson went very well. We called her later that week and she had a fall back but she is trying. She is doing very well. She came to church and brought one of her kids. And she had her ex husband come!! Andrew, he said we could come by and teach him sometime. So something might be there. But Angie is doing very well. Crazy to think she was the 1st book of Mormon I gave out in the mission.

I had an interview with the president the other day. He is so loving it's not even funny. So nice too. I walk in there thinking he is going to tell me what I can do better. No. He tells me how much he loves me and how great elder dalton and I are doing. He asked me about angie. Said he has told maybe 100 people about her already. How on day 1 we see her and she has come to church 3 times now. It was like he thinks I'm the perfect missionary, which I'm not.  But yeah, he tells me how much he loves me and asks how I'm doing and then ends the interview. It was crazy.  He said just keep doing what we're doing. I was shocked. He may me feel really good, but I know I can do better here in Evesham.

Sunday we had Angie and her ex husband at church. Very good. It was fast that was rough. It's hard with only like 40 memebers at church.

At the start of the week we biked about 25+ miles all over the place to see people. My legs are still swore from that."
(I've told David that he needs to send me more pictures...)

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