Saturday, February 9, 2013

February 4th Letter

This week was just crazy!!

Tuesday I went on exchange with an elder that I really really don't like. He is 18 years old and thinks he knows how to work hard, but he doesn't. He has been in that area (Worcester) for his whole mission. He doesn't talk to people on the streets. In a small city like Evesham you can get away with that. But a place like Worcester you can't. It's about 5 times the size of Evesham. But I made it though the transfer without yelling at him so I guess that's good.
Next day got back into Evesham with elder Dalton and got some work done here. Saw Gavin with the branch mission leader. He said "You guys opened a very big door and you can't close that door now." so in other words we have alot of work to do with Gavin. We will talk about him later. Thursday we had to go to Hereford for this 9 year old girls baptism interview. So we spent from 3:30 traveling. Got there at 5, did the interview and then played train hopper to get back to Evesham by like 10. So a very long day.
Friday Elder Dalton was not feeling well at all. I think I passed onto him what I had got "the man Flu" but he took some drugs are we were able to get some work done around here; see some people see some investigators it was a pretty good day.
Saturday was a very good day. We rode our bike for about 18 miles that day and got lots of pictures from that day. Can I just say riding your bike into the wind is so hard!! We also saw Angie that day. We gave her the 12 steps to stop smoking program, which is really just focusing around prayer. So far she is doing well with that. We also got her on a baptism date! February 16! We just know she is ready and she says she has prayed and feels like that is a good day for it. Heck she is reading the Book of Mormon and is in Jacob already. She's just ready for this.
Sunday was fast Sunday. I made it 22 hours of fasting. That was hard but I made it. Angie came to church and also her ex husband Andrew came. No one else made it but right now we are just really focusing on Angie. We have a few other investigators in Preshore. That's a town west of Evesham. The problem is it takes like 7 miles to bike there so we only go like once every other week. I haven't been there. Elder Dalton goes there when we are on exchange so I don't know anything really about them. besides that a very good week. This week will be busy as well. Two exchanges this week, right in a row. and it sounds like I will be here in Evesham for both of them, so guess we will see how that goes. But all in all a very good week, very busy. Hope you all are doing well. Miss you all and love you all lots!!

Love Elder Doty

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