Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 11th

It was a busy week.  We kept riding trains over and over again and that just takes up our whole day. But it was an alright week

Monday night we had FHE at the bishop’s and they got to meet elder Webster.  They like him which is good.

Tuesday we did finding and my role is I always stop blonde girls... Don't ask why I just do.  So there was this blonde girl with a group of friends and I stopped them and the blonde girl was like I want to know more! She later lied to me and said she doesn't have a phone but would call us if she was interested. She then texts me in like 20 minutes saying I went to and want to know more so we made a time to meet her. She flogged us and won't text us back. I was crushed. But life goes on.

Wednesday I went to Lincoln on an exchange for his birthday and we had a fun time. We put 3 people on a date for baptism.  They are teaching so many people. It was fun to just teach and not find.

We saw Elaine this week.  She is good and doing alright.  She came to church on Sunday and met with the bishop. Doing very good. We also met and are teaching a new guy named Gary.  He is bipolar and has had a crazy life but he seems alright. I have met my share of crazy people on the mission, so nothing new.

The bishop’s 11 year old kid went tracking with us. His 4th door this old man yells at us and like chases us off his drive. It didn't help that I was cracking up laughing. " You kids get off my bloody drive!"  I tried to be kind and tell him to have a wonderful day.  He then says this, "I will have a great day once you get the hell off my bloody drive." The bishop’s kid was like elders what's going on haha.
Well thanks everyone for the letters and emails. You guys are the best.

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