Saturday, November 30, 2013

Novber 18th

Crazy to think this week on the 22nd marks one year of being a missionary. The time really does go by fast. I think on Sunday (a year ago) was when I bawled my eyes out while giving my farewell talk. I still try to forget that haha.

This week kinda sucked because of how my companion is I have to do all the finding all the teaching and everything. I feel like sometimes a mom who is babysitting a child. I'm just hoping I get a change in a few weeks. Transfers are the 11th.  Can’t come any faster. Our only investigator Gary dropped us this week. He won’t change even if he came to know it was true. So we are back to trying to find people. We have like a high school in Boston so we are trying to find people around there.  It’s going alright.  It’s  kinda nice to talk to people my age and I can just be real with them. But I'm kinda doing it solo. My comp is just too shy to gq anyone.

We had Elder Dykes of the 70 come and talk to us. He talked about setting goals and using time as best as we can. which is something I need because I’m running out of time here in England.

Other good news in Evesham, Angie met with the missionaries and came to church!! Highlight of my week!!

A member took us to a castle that was destroyed in the England civil war. I will put some photos up.

Hope this week is better miss you all and love you all!!  Happy birthday week Rachel!!
(Photo with Elder Higham.)

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